Balitcon 46–Part 3

I am not going to tag the pic or label them or what every cause there is just way to many Nutty Nuchtchas out did her self. I mean these things are fantastic. As if par for the course you can find Nutty on a few podcasts Nutty Bites and Beyond The Wall(a podcast about game of thrones) so enjoy the shots I know I did also if you wanna see more of them she has like damn near 300 pics on her facebook page. Also a very few are pics of mine from my iphone those are mainly the Erotica Ala Carte Iron Chef getting pics for this without having them be ummmm….well yeah was a bit hard but hey if a Rumba can rise to the challenge so can Big Bear.



3 comments on “Balitcon 46–Part 3

  1. I love your Balticon 3 part(?) series, and thanks for all the props. You grabbed some moments I couldn’t get, which was awesome.

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