Blog Awards and 10 Songs You Should Listen to Twice!

Its been awhile since I did one of these and with the wheels on the podcast slowed by outed power I felt that it is time for you all to learn a little more about me and those lovely fellow bloggers out there in the blog-o-sphere.


How will I do this you ask well I was nominated by beastly man of the wild such as myself for the lovely Blog award and through this is how I will EXPAND your mind until it is blown O_o

1) Tell 7 things about yourself

2) Nominate “fifteen”(ummm….) other lovely bloggers


SO here goes the 7 essential fact to know about me the Big Bear

1) Anime is my way of life…period

2) I am the baby of 5 kids yet I am almost 100lbs bigger and a foot taller than my siblings, plus to top it off I am the only boy.

3) I am afraid of lightening storms because as a young bear cub(6 or 7 years old) I warned my step dad to turn off his television because it was storming. He did not. A bolt of lightening then came through the window and destroyed(blew up) the TV(no lie) where I responded and to this day I never have the TV on during a storm…never

4) I played soccer in middle school, and through a missed block with my knee I was hit in a sensitive place so now soccer balls scare me, and none shall be found in my den…ever

5) I sing in the car, I sing in the shower, I sing when I am home alone, I have been known to sing in my sleep but can’t carry a tune to save my immortal soul and I like it that way

6) I have watched the 5th element probably 100 or more times…. and counting

7) At the age of 5 of learned how to use the VCR(I am dating myself) and preceded to show the neighborhood kids adult material, and explain there happenings at a cook while the parents out of the room, my mom was rather upset step dad was impressed by my eloquence and knowledge O_o


There you have it if you mind is not blown it will be by the awesomeness comprised of my fellow blog-o-sphere residence

The fellow beast of the wild

T. James: A man of little words and lots of ketchup

Those splattered in ink and or the blood of our enemies

Darke Conteur: A women of great merit and mystery who gave birth to a future Sith Lord’

Bryden Yeo: The mother and controller of a troop of devilishly sweet and wicked inklings

Rainbow: She trains rainbow furred boxer to be the emissaries of your bright and loving destruction and she too as sweet devilish inklings.

Steve McHugh: A man with a plan, and yes it involves your eventual demise

J. Thorn: music is in his soul, and music is how he will steal yours or crush it in accordance with the will of the ink

Danielle La Paglia: She writes in the flash, believes in the flash, lives in the flash, wages war in the flash.


Well I didn’t do fifteen because that is just a big number but upward and onward as they say


10 Songs You Should Listen to Twice!

1) Dio-Holy Diver

2) Kodomo Band-Heart of Madness

3) Devo Spice-Platform Wars

4) George Hrab-Never Knew

5) Wood Kid-Iron

6) Kid Cudi- Sound Track 2 my Life

7) Lyfe Jennings- Cry

8) AnthonyHamilton- Pass Me Over

9) Breaking Benjamin- Evil Angel

10) AWOLnation- Sail


Well there you have 10 songs you better go download right now and add to you writing playlist or what ever if not the dark inklings will come and reconsruct your dreams with eloquent and bizarre. So I will see you again soon *roars as he fades into the deepest parts of his den as Dio echoes off the rock walls*