Big Bear’s East Coast Con Tour 2012 Wrap up

MAN! It feels like ages folk and for those of you who read this blog I am so sorry for taking so long to get some no content for you all up and running. Hopefully in the mean time you have been HERE listening to Me, Amber, Face, and the rest of the gang curse, and spit raunchy awesome nerdy vitriol to tide you over until this moment right now. when The bear rolls out of his cage with a 2 pack of con talk to wrap up my circuit for 2012.

As most of you who know me or listen to the podcast I have been a con going fiend as of this year checking into Balticon for the first time, AFO for the second time, and Dragon Con for the first time. If that wasn’t enough i will be begining 2013 with my home town con MystiCon how about that huh? So where shall I begin….

Well I will short and sweet on AFO, it was still fun met up with great friends from my first year, and got some amazing bumpers from guests for the podcast as you have heard in Episodes 5 and 6 and the upcoming 7 on the road back from Dragon Con. The real down sides to it was the massive uncoordinated feel of the con as a whole. Also they fell flat on panels seeing as AAA Podcast not there though they are getting ready to move to Japan so they have much more awesome and important things to do. also only 2 Panels from the normally ever present Anime World Order Crew which was leveled onto the con as they short noticed the guys and so it was all they had time to come up with. Even so they did fantastic panels and have been a highlight of my timw at AFO both years. still speaking of Panels the fact that they have no control or filter of panel members so that a panel of 5 or 6 people have one speaker and none of the rest contribute any thing but sitting there filling the table with there bags and junk(I am talking about you best of anime openings panel)

On to better things from AFO. The Cosplay was alot better this year though there were some things that made ya go…hmmmmm?(showing my age again aren’t I?) I have some of the better ones in the photos at the bottom


Back to panels for a minute the Wasabi Anime guys did a fantastic Transformers panel and had great examples of the kinda toys and merchandise that came out for the laundry list like amount of shows for out favorite robot vehicles and animals. There panel was a hilarious jaunt through transformer history along with the shows we never got to see here in the states these. The con in my opinion should bring these guys back every year along with AWO.

That basically sums up AFO in the nutshell. which brings me to Dragon Con(queue the spooky music)

What can I say about Dragon Con that was not said in the upcoming Podcast….nothing really lol. Dragon Con is a feast for the senses it on your first time is simple over whelming and will melt your brain…no Joke several people passed out from the heat it cause in the city of Atlanta. The con is so massive Big Bear needed some help so I enlisted Amber my cohost for Talk Nerdy 2 Me along with Jen and Ish for safe measure. thus our journey began.

The only two flaws I felt were with dragon con as a whole and we go into great detail on the podcast about this is the price of signatures and pictures with the big guests. I know they get paid some amount to come to the con but seriously  80 bucks for a signatures it ridiculous and I wont go into Mark Hamill’s prices ooooo boy.

The other flaw was the shuttle service from non Con hotels I don’t know if they were run by the hotels or the con itself but they stop picking people up at 7 fro the hotels and only drop off until 12 then after that you are on your own. This would be fine if programming ended at twelve but it doesn’t its twenty four hours. So if you aren’t in the con area hotels you are fucking after 12 if anything goes down you want to see which is why I did not get to see George Hrab’s Performance DarkSide of the Moon.

Now cosplay I wont say was better here than at AFO but the variety is well above that of AFO As seen below.

lastly I am not going to talk about the panels at Dragon Con cause we do that on the podcast but I will say the Parsecs will be the thing that leaves the lasting mark on me and will get me back next year lol. All in all Dragon Con was a fabulous experience and I suggest anyone to go at least once in there life maybe next year I will add Otakon to the tour who knows lol any way this is Big Bear signing out and say check me out on Talk Nerdy 2 Me a podcast for the ages.


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