10+ Authors/Peeps You Should Meet…Twice!

This list is not in any order as these folks are just to awesome to put into a sequence. If you have the chance the meet any if these guys jump at the chance you won’t be disappointed.

Scott Sigler

One of the most real and down to earth people I have met. His lovelorn is fans and dedication to them as well as the craft of writing is since amazing. Though his love of Tuaca the taint sweat of the roman legion is still simply odd.

Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine

This dynamic duo if awesome are well, just awesome. Treating there fans like family I have met and hung with them multiple times now and each time they blow me away. Tee is a legend in the podcasting world and his lovely kiwi wife writes like a cunning dervish and I don’t know who can output more stories than she. This team through a haze of cigars, good beer, and even better scotch are paving a path not many will ever match.

Mur Lafferty

Probably the busiest women in podcasting. Her I Should Be Writing Podcast is the highest mark a podcast should be strive to. Her fiction is truly unique just as she is and inspires just as her advice does to us wanna be fiction writers.

P.G. Holyfield

The man never with out a hat. I have met him twice now and he is still just as genuine and fun each time. His personality is ever present in his fiction which is another reason to meet him. I cant think of any reason to not seek him out at a con or bound in the flesh of dead trees.

Starla Hutchton

Probably the toughest lady in podcast. Sadly I didn’t get to see her much at dragon con though that is dragon con. Our first meeting at balticon was amazing and any lady who handles her cookie flavored vodka like that should be respected lol. She also is a word smith creating unique fiction that is a joy to behold.

Donna Mugavero

A force of nature this lovely lady is. So much fun and so down to earth you can not help but smile when she is around. Also some how she keep George Hrab reigned in….some what.

George Hrab

The man who sings for SCIENCE!!!!! His music is just a scratching of the surface that is probably one of the most creative and sharply dressed people outside of Doc Coleman. Catching one of his fantastic performances is a must.

Jason Narvy

Not only is he a fellow Jason, but he was apart of my childhood being on mighty morphing power rangers as the funny high pitched half of bulk and skull. This how ever is not even a fraction of this hilarious classically trained actor. With his doctorate in tow he teaches in Chicago and I can only envy his students.

Sunny Strait

What can I say about the voice of Dragon Ball Z’s Krillin. He can draw, does web comics and even work on some traditional comic properties, and won’t shy from anime con pool party. Sunny is side splittingly funny so if he is coming to a con near you, you should be there waiting.

Dan Southworth

Another figure of so many childhoods as the red quantum ranger. Yet as other rangers e so much more making a name for himself in hollywood as a stuntman, motion capture man, and fight choreographer for countless films. He is only outshines by the fact he loves his fans and can be found amongst them at a pool party just as easily as he can be found in his web series divergence kicking serious ass.

Windi Lee

A monolith in voice acting. With well over 200 roles she is a great example for girls and women alike for her dedication and professionalism. See also took my con cherry at anime festival Orlando 2011. She was such a joy to talk to, a must meet and any con she attends

Kyle Hubbert

The voice of Kamina from Gurren Lagann. What can you say about the man behind the most manly man in the world of anime. He is approachable and hilarious to boot and made my second anime festival Orlando remarkable.

Richard Epcar

The most recognizable in anime as Batou of ghost in the shell. He also runs a hilarious out takes panel from some of his other anime roles. Also i grew up with him on daytime soaps…what!? There was only one tv in my house. But what blew me away was when I asked him for a bumper for my podcast he was willing to do an interview and I didn’t even ask a definitely awesome guy.

Cinda Williams Chima

Author of the Heir series and 7 worlds series. Yet with all this she is so down to earth and humble about her success. She was awesome to meet and talk to such a great experience.


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