Blogging and Podcasting

20120919-180739.jpgThings I have learned since starting to blog and podcast. range wildly at first glance. plus the fact it so overwhelming at first; how will you do content, what content, how often. it all wells up like some crazy flood in your brain until you feel like your going to drown. thats were the first lesson comes in to play

1) Organize what you want to do, a nd how to do it?

this basically means dont worry about the content but set up a schedule. one blog a week, one podcast a week or go bi weekly it doesn’t matter but pick something and stay with that. now that that is done the next rule is born out of circumstance.

2) can you handle what you have set to do, is it to much to start with?

this rule/question is just what it says can you keep up with your schedule and how you organized it? this is a killer once it starts going. simply because research, writing time, outlining time, editing, and working with other peoples schedules can all eat up your time and before you know it, recording or blogging day comes around and your like FUCK. this happens to be alot because I work nights so i am also tired and ready to sleep while everyone else is getting ready for the day and I have to find a way to put all this together and keep up my flow of content. sadly i am failing on my blog side of things and barely holding on with the podcast.

what is a great solution to this is having your cohosts and friends help you out. amber my cohost researches a segment called “nerdy girls corner” on her own i have no input into that other than checking things out before we record so i have some input during the show though nail polish based on doctor who is still a stretch. another thing is my new segment I turn to my boy face, his google fu is strong his internet presence in forums and such giving him great speed and skill with finding interesting articles and happenings on the web.

Now that you have organized your schedule, determined if this how things will work, gathered your companions, and content it’s time to out forth the other half of the equation. The blog, or podcast itself. Thus this next rule

3) Keep it simple

Keeping it simple includes your show or blog post and the equipment you use. For a blog it’s more or less can you cover the topics youngish to talk about or is it to hefty of a piece to cover in a sizable post. Now a podcast you need a mic and away to record to start that is it. No fancy mic, no major label recording rig just you, your cohosts and your mic. Once you get settled in and things are clicking and your schedule has worked out and your flowing with content then you can begin to put on the bells and whistles.

So remember whether its a podcast or blog:

1) Get organize
2) Recognize the amount of work and time it will take to accomplish what your trying to do, and determine if you can manage these requirements.
3) Keep It Simple

Well this is the Big Bear signing off and hoping I have given you potential casters and bloggers some help that much wiser and more experienced people gave to me. Until next time.


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