Update: crazy self induced schedule

So I have been a busy lil bear, though i have let curtain things slack…namely my blog. I am getting back onto my content wagon so thank all of you for being so patient. what have i been doing you ask? well let me tell you lol.

first I have been podcasting Talk Nerdy 2 Me, is going strong at 8 episodes I have my cohost Amber and 3 guest hosts James(Face), Jen( The AK Tundra Baby), and Ish(The Wrastla!). these guys are great and help me keep things interesting.

Secondly I have been writing and editing like a mad mad. I have been editing my fantasy novel for my Online writing group at kelly armstrong’s forums. that is going at a good clip about 5 chapters in of 20 when i reach the end of it all I can start on new material for it. Since I am long winded I have figured with some sort of immoral mathematics that it will cap out at around 120-150k. new fictions consists of 2 things 1) a Erotic Romance story I was challenged to write by a friend whom love 50 shades of grey and i make fun of them for it so i have to now put up or shut up lol. I am happy to say I am done with the story part, I am just stuck on the sex part…who would have thought my vulgar ass would have trouble with sex huh? 2) I wrote a horror short and will have it up for friday flash this week.

So that is what I have been doing an now the things I have fallen down on are my blog and my short fiction. the horror and roman shorts are the first new short stuff i have worked on in months and as you probably already know my blog hasn’t had much new content in some months as well. for both of tose I am sorry and I promise I am not going to allow that to happen again. I have just posted the first of 4 new blog posts, I have rough outlines for some more flash fic, and even have the next 2 episodes of my podcast outlined. and with that below will be a list of things to look out for from Big Bear and company.

1) To Honor Love – erotic romance short(yes once edited i wil post it)
2) Scott Sigler GFL Podcast with Jen
3) Phoenix rising, and Janus Affair Podcast with Jen
4) Feed Me – horror Shoret for Friday flash
5) video game podcast with face and Jen – MoP, Boarderlands 2, and Darksiders 1 & 2
6) Bleeding Ink Babes interview(depending on if i can get them all at once or one at a time will determine if that is a 3 parter or 1)
7) Colin barnes interview
8) My first attempt at podcast fiction – King of the Blues
9) Feline army 3 part blog series
10) 10+ authors/peeps you should meet…twice! blog post

well I am done here keep and eye out for my coming content, and please enjoy your trips to my den and listen to those Talk Nerdy 2 Me Radio broadcasts echoing off the dens damp walls and let me know what you think on twitter or with emails and comments. also if you listen to the cast leave a review on Itunes we love them honest. so until next time.


4 comments on “Update: crazy self induced schedule

  1. Great to see that you’re keeping yourself busy there bear. Its hard finding the time when you’re doing so much and I’m hoping to keep my writing time this weekend. So all the best with things.

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