10 Beers You Should Drink…Twice!(Possibly to Inebriation)

It’s been awhile since I did some good lists so here is another for you and boy is it a doozy. These beers should be drank with a reverence, an almost religious reverence for they are that good. They are not listed in order of best to worst but simple listed and can be drank in any order I do hope you enjoy them where you find them. also practice safety when you drink, because this beer doesn’t have bail money nor will he pick you up form some random spot in the middle of no where after a late end of the night hook up at your local watering hole…Cheers.

1) Dogfish: Noble Rot

2) Sam Adams: Black Lager

3) Sam Adams: Irish Red

4) Yuengling Porter

5) FlyingDog: In Heat Hefeweizen

6) Star Hill: The Love(Hefeweizen)

7) Highlands Brewing Company: Gaelic Ale

8) Fat Tire: New Belgium Amber Ale

9) George Killian’s Irish Red

10) Yuengling Black & Tan


Football and Things

So this past weekend was probably the best weekend I have had in a long, long while. I say this because I got to go to my first NFL game. It was My Dallas Cowboys v. The Carolina Panthers, and on top of all that My Boys Won hehehe. I was joined by two of my coworkers Allan and his son Walt, who are panthers fans and ther cousin my brother in arms as a cowboys fan Jake.  The experience of a real game was so fun, so exciting that I will always feel like I am missing something when I watch it on TV.


It was so cool to be able to look and see the guys you love to see compete in real life, I mean I wasn’t field level or anything but even sitting where I was I could make out everything nothing was missed. I even got a picture with two of the carolina panthers cheerleaders, and yes there the opposing teams cheerleaders but cheerleaders transend team bounderies…oh yes indeed they do. So if you ever have the chance to go and see a real NFL game even if it’s not your team it’s well worth it and tickets weren’t that expensive $175, nothing to break the bank.

Onto other news my feline army has grown by one, I don’t have any pictures of her yet but, our new 4 week old calico kitten has taken up well with the rest of the troops. so if anyone had any name suggestions please let me know with a comment or email lol.

I love being back in especially this time of year. Nothing beats fall in the Appalachian mountains, nothing. When I stationed in Alaska, I woke up everyday in the winter to snow capped mountains but it still didn’t hold a candle to the fiery earthen colors of a fall in Virginia. I have found much comfort in my surrounding since my last few trips to the doctor, which were not enjoyable affairs. to say the least. All in all how ever I have hada wonderful last few days and hope things continue in this direction. I guess that is enough of me going on about random things. This is Big Bear signing off from the mouth of his cave under the falling leaves in the cool breeze sporting his Dallas Cowboys jersey.


Then and Now

It is kind of wondrous thing, when you think back on all the things you have learn in your life. Myself I was actually folding cloths, when I thought about myself a a little black kid growing up on the northwest side of Roanoke, Virginia.  To not the 27 years old, two time veteran who has seen a couple things. You probably thinking what on earth about folding cloths got you to thinking about your life and the things you have learned and seen. Well to be honest it was the detail and patience I showed the shirts I was folding that did it.

You see, as a child I was a typical boy I hated anything I deemed girly, and wouldn’t/couldn’t see it other wise. My aunt Dot, whom raised me all life when she was younger use to take care of peoples homes and there children. This was a common practice for black women of her time. This showed up in her later years because old habits died hard. She woke up early, cleaned often, and cooked like a dream. As a boy she had me do curtain chores that I detested and one of those was folding my own cloths. To start with she watched me and made sure I did it to her exact specification and once I was good with that, it was mostly repetition. It became a routine of mine to come home from school or outside and there would be a pile of cloths on the bed and I knew what was up.

Let me tell you I hate folding cloths, but to this day I fold them as exactly as she taught me. and it was astonishing me to how such a simple thing has helped me in so many ways. Because of the things I learn back thing I can now pack like no bodies business, also in basic training I made a killing off sowing on buttons( thank you Arlene), and the thing I thought was the most girl was cooking. My aunt Dot made me learn how to feed myself and I never looked back on it. until I went to college and fella’s let me tell you girls love a man who can get it in, in the kitchen.

I been rambling on to basically say that if you think on the little things you have learned through your lifetime thus far, there are so many things that translate to now in your adult life. The discipline for folding cloth, the right way. The technique and finesse to make edible and delicate meal. The patience and dexterity to sow on a single button(for $5 of course). Stick with you and shape you into whom you are now and you may not realize it until 20 years later your roommate tells you, “Wow, you fold cloths way better than me, I just toss’em in my drawer”.

My Feline Army: To Cute For Boot pt.2

As training continued at a good clip. I was able to get more photos taken. and with another vigorous declassification meeting behold the fruits of my labor. Though it is with a heavy heart for we lost one of our eldest generals, Kenny. He was named after the character from south park because being shot, squashed by a front end loader, and attacking and killing a rabid gopher only old age could claim him. So with this we salute, Kenny. Enjoy those fields of catnip and mice, and taught all the caged dogs you can.