My Feline Army: To Cute For Boot pt.2

As training continued at a good clip. I was able to get more photos taken. and with another vigorous declassification meeting behold the fruits of my labor. Though it is with a heavy heart for we lost one of our eldest generals, Kenny. He was named after the character from south park because being shot, squashed by a front end loader, and attacking and killing a rabid gopher only old age could claim him. So with this we salute, Kenny. Enjoy those fields of catnip and mice, and taught all the caged dogs you can.


10 comments on “My Feline Army: To Cute For Boot pt.2

  1. Oh what cute kitties. Er um I mean what a dedicated and sharp bunch of kitty soldiers or something?? LOL

    Sorry for the loss of Kenny he was a good man. You got a bunch of happy looking cats there Jason, thanks for sharing the pics. 🙂

  2. Sorry to read about the loss of Kenny, I love mine to bits. To make sure that the regimine of the Kitties is in good order we have Catopolis (three cat trees all next to each other to jump, play and sleep on), two cat sofa’s one cat tunnel, an armchair for the kitties to sleep on (with a sleeping bag, foam mat with a cat bed on the top which is next to thier window.

    Ooohh, and during sleep time its the same way as you have it, charge of the kitty brigade (cat’s to the right of him, cats to the left. LOL)

    Going to have to design a T-Shirt, if its any good I’ll let you know.

    • Yeah we have 2 cat trees we. We buy out new house we are gonna have those window cat beds in most windows.

      I am still looking for an artist to do a 3-4 panel weekly comic strip for me called My feline army but now dice. So when you make the shirt let me know because I may have work for the artist lol

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