Then and Now

It is kind of wondrous thing, when you think back on all the things you have learn in your life. Myself I was actually folding cloths, when I thought about myself a a little black kid growing up on the northwest side of Roanoke, Virginia.  To not the 27 years old, two time veteran who has seen a couple things. You probably thinking what on earth about folding cloths got you to thinking about your life and the things you have learned and seen. Well to be honest it was the detail and patience I showed the shirts I was folding that did it.

You see, as a child I was a typical boy I hated anything I deemed girly, and wouldn’t/couldn’t see it other wise. My aunt Dot, whom raised me all life when she was younger use to take care of peoples homes and there children. This was a common practice for black women of her time. This showed up in her later years because old habits died hard. She woke up early, cleaned often, and cooked like a dream. As a boy she had me do curtain chores that I detested and one of those was folding my own cloths. To start with she watched me and made sure I did it to her exact specification and once I was good with that, it was mostly repetition. It became a routine of mine to come home from school or outside and there would be a pile of cloths on the bed and I knew what was up.

Let me tell you I hate folding cloths, but to this day I fold them as exactly as she taught me. and it was astonishing me to how such a simple thing has helped me in so many ways. Because of the things I learn back thing I can now pack like no bodies business, also in basic training I made a killing off sowing on buttons( thank you Arlene), and the thing I thought was the most girl was cooking. My aunt Dot made me learn how to feed myself and I never looked back on it. until I went to college and fella’s let me tell you girls love a man who can get it in, in the kitchen.

I been rambling on to basically say that if you think on the little things you have learned through your lifetime thus far, there are so many things that translate to now in your adult life. The discipline for folding cloth, the right way. The technique and finesse to make edible and delicate meal. The patience and dexterity to sow on a single button(for $5 of course). Stick with you and shape you into whom you are now and you may not realize it until 20 years later your roommate tells you, “Wow, you fold cloths way better than me, I just toss’em in my drawer”.


3 comments on “Then and Now

  1. You are more then welcome! I love you. You have turned into a wonderful man that Aunt Dot would be very proud of, and so are Jay and I!

  2. We are made up not just of our personalities, but our experiences and memories too. It’s lovely that the association with the simple act of folding clothes and your recollections of Aunt Dot are is so strong that you remembered her, and everything she did in making you who you are today. Seems she didn’t do a bad job. 😉

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