Football and Things

So this past weekend was probably the best weekend I have had in a long, long while. I say this because I got to go to my first NFL game. It was My Dallas Cowboys v. The Carolina Panthers, and on top of all that My Boys Won hehehe. I was joined by two of my coworkers Allan and his son Walt, who are panthers fans and ther cousin my brother in arms as a cowboys fan Jake.  The experience of a real game was so fun, so exciting that I will always feel like I am missing something when I watch it on TV.


It was so cool to be able to look and see the guys you love to see compete in real life, I mean I wasn’t field level or anything but even sitting where I was I could make out everything nothing was missed. I even got a picture with two of the carolina panthers cheerleaders, and yes there the opposing teams cheerleaders but cheerleaders transend team bounderies…oh yes indeed they do. So if you ever have the chance to go and see a real NFL game even if it’s not your team it’s well worth it and tickets weren’t that expensive $175, nothing to break the bank.

Onto other news my feline army has grown by one, I don’t have any pictures of her yet but, our new 4 week old calico kitten has taken up well with the rest of the troops. so if anyone had any name suggestions please let me know with a comment or email lol.

I love being back in especially this time of year. Nothing beats fall in the Appalachian mountains, nothing. When I stationed in Alaska, I woke up everyday in the winter to snow capped mountains but it still didn’t hold a candle to the fiery earthen colors of a fall in Virginia. I have found much comfort in my surrounding since my last few trips to the doctor, which were not enjoyable affairs. to say the least. All in all how ever I have hada wonderful last few days and hope things continue in this direction. I guess that is enough of me going on about random things. This is Big Bear signing off from the mouth of his cave under the falling leaves in the cool breeze sporting his Dallas Cowboys jersey.



4 comments on “Football and Things

  1. I want to head up to the parkway this coming weekend and maybe go to the star for a bit. I haven’t been up there for a few months.

    Given when the kitten showed up… you should call her Autumn or go a bit spooky and call her Hallow. If you want to go old school you can go with Samhain, but no one will be able to pronounce it. lol.

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