10 Beers You Should Drink…Twice!(Possibly to Inebriation)

It’s been awhile since I did some good lists so here is another for you and boy is it a doozy. These beers should be drank with a reverence, an almost religious reverence for they are that good. They are not listed in order of best to worst but simple listed and can be drank in any order I do hope you enjoy them where you find them. also practice safety when you drink, because this beer doesn’t have bail money nor will he pick you up form some random spot in the middle of no where after a late end of the night hook up at your local watering hole…Cheers.

1) Dogfish: Noble Rot

2) Sam Adams: Black Lager

3) Sam Adams: Irish Red

4) Yuengling Porter

5) FlyingDog: In Heat Hefeweizen

6) Star Hill: The Love(Hefeweizen)

7) Highlands Brewing Company: Gaelic Ale

8) Fat Tire: New Belgium Amber Ale

9) George Killian’s Irish Red

10) Yuengling Black & Tan


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