Book Review: If Your Writing Sucks, Quit.

I have been giving my self the business with these books to review. maybe that is why it has taken me so long because there so unique and fun and in this case helpful, that I can’t really talk about them or well don’t know how to talk about them. This post folks I am going to be talk about “If Your Writing Sucks, Quit”  by good and well OWG member T. James. This along with the previously blogged Bleeding Ink Anthology were two books I have been meaning to do reviews of and worm my way in to podcast interviews for. I am still working that last part so reviews will be gotten out of the way right now. so shall we?

first and foremost if you do not have a sense of humor even a little one just put the book down now alright? This is a great work of advice on writing and just handling your budding career as a scribe in general.  It is done in a way that if you are some kind of soft pasty lil nancy writer you might not like this one. I am not saying TJ is mean but he speak some very dry and a bit harsh truths. As an example I will talk about the first chapter which is titles “Do not be afraid of obscurity and delusion: No one knows you, so no one cares. Rejoice!” This may seems like some real harsh advice but seriously think about, even who has been doing this blog for a year and change now really am not known. The truth, focus and realizations in this book are all right there for you just in the title of the first chapter.

The humor comes in all over the place a very blatant big of cheesy humor is the fictitious author of the book Faye Ling(Failing) get it?…what….no? well whatever. The point is some of the tid bits in this book are spiced with that kind of humor along with very sarcastic tongue and cheek type flourishes. For the most part this is a balance and well used formula though it can be abit heavy handed at times or fall flat. I felt this was well the writing trying to either drive a point home or not piss off or hurt the feelings of the more sensitive types. I say go balls to the wall, go big or go home right? this books title is the embodiment of that idea and even comes back full tilt in the tenth and final chapter of the book.

being a wanna be fiction writer this book helped point out and teach me things I already knew and some I didn’t but all were valuable. even if it was something I already knew just said differently repetition is the easiest way to learn something right? This book covers the writing, the creation, and the business end of being an author and everything in between. I don’t Podcasting is covered in the book but TJ isn’t a podcaster though if i can get my hands on him maybe he will become one. one day.

so pick this up and give it a shot, you may not like all the things said, you may not pay attention to all that is said but you will come away from this book and a sense that someone tried to teach you something in all the book has to offer from its tone, to its message, to the things only noticeable between the proverbial lines.


Book Review: Bleeding Ink Anthology

Man so this review along with the other one i am planning on blogging today has been oh so long in coming. so sorry ladies for such a long bit with out getting things done. If you didn’t know what I was talking about when I said ladies, it is the Bleeding Ink Anthology.

The Bleeding Ink Anthology is not something I can easily describe because it is a blending of styles and literary forms. It creates a web of intricate pattern told in verse or short form or just in a few lines that it boggles my mind as to how, in this world, these lovely ladies could edit and put together such a work.

These written word Valkyries are Pat, Tammy, and Lisa. They put together an cast of writers that you probably wont see again for sometime. which has given birth to a very unique feel for this book. I wish I could go in to detail about each story or poem or what ever but it would ruin it. I say this because each author featured in the book twist ans turns into your mind with there word and almost always drops something unexpected in your lap that will catch you off guard, flat footed, or what ever descriptor you wanna put out there for being truly and honestly surprised.

I am an avid reader not a hugely fast reader any more but i still read at least 2-4 books a month(normally recently I been slacking for movies instead) weather it be Ebook, Hard or paperback, or audio. I get it in. This Anthology I only had one thing to tie all these chosen piece together. They had to be Dark Tales not necessarily horror, and not marry poppins, fartin’ rainbows out of chitty chitty bang bangs tail pipe either. Some of them are well strange or twisted, or makes you a bit leery and on edge. sometimes the truth is out there, other times its a simple case of murder, other times things go bump in the night and the monster under the bed eats your left over chinese. not saying these things happen in the book but that should cover the spectrum of what you will read.

All in all this was a fun and fiercely entertaining book which i recommend. I am not going to say it was perfect because this was there first shot with such a work and with 3 mind behind the wheel you can tell that there personalities and ideas still needed time to mesh together and smooth out some of the wrinkles. also the spacing and formatting of the ebook seemed to fill out more pages than ought be able to with its content. At 328 pages in eformat its that log but you get the bag for so please check it out.

Time With Friends, and Nostalgia

I think this will be a short blog post as I have churned out 2 podcast episodes this week and don’t think I have much to talk about right now lol hehe. This weekend I took a trip to Roanoke my home town. I had a doctors appoint which was dreadful as all doc appointments are. Yet some good came from this, I got a hold of an old friend of mine from high school Mike Lee and we hung out that evening after my appoint and had dinner. It was like nothing had changed in the 10 years since we graduated, it was awesome. Also I met his friend Alex and mike’s roommate whose name escapes me. Sorry Mike if you read this put comment with his name lol. I have to say this one probably once of thee most relaxing things i have done in along while and can’t wait to do it again.

I honestly didn’t know if I could have fun with Mike again. Not anything he did or I did but 10 years is along time to not see someone and to so easily fall back in to the swing of things was just fun and amazing. Makes me rethink about going to my high school reunion…not really. So readers, Big Bear has some advice if an old friend wants to hang out give it a shot don’t worry about time apart or how much either of you has changed because it  the friendship is true it will all come back into place without so much as thinking about skipping a beat. Well I am out of here and hope you all have a great holiday, eat some of those sweet potato pies for me and Big Bear will see you again next time I spout something out of this Den o’mine.

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