Time With Friends, and Nostalgia

I think this will be a short blog post as I have churned out 2 podcast episodes this week and don’t think I have much to talk about right now lol hehe. This weekend I took a trip to Roanoke my home town. I had a doctors appoint which was dreadful as all doc appointments are. Yet some good came from this, I got a hold of an old friend of mine from high school Mike Lee and we hung out that evening after my appoint and had dinner. It was like nothing had changed in the 10 years since we graduated, it was awesome. Also I met his friend Alex and mike’s roommate whose name escapes me. Sorry Mike if you read this put comment with his name lol. I have to say this one probably once of thee most relaxing things i have done in along while and can’t wait to do it again.

I honestly didn’t know if I could have fun with Mike again. Not anything he did or I did but 10 years is along time to not see someone and to so easily fall back in to the swing of things was just fun and amazing. Makes me rethink about going to my high school reunion…not really. So readers, Big Bear has some advice if an old friend wants to hang out give it a shot don’t worry about time apart or how much either of you has changed because it  the friendship is true it will all come back into place without so much as thinking about skipping a beat. Well I am out of here and hope you all have a great holiday, eat some of those sweet potato pies for me and Big Bear will see you again next time I spout something out of this Den o’mine.

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3 comments on “Time With Friends, and Nostalgia

  1. I hope whatever was the cause of the doctor’s appointment isn’t too serious, but it’s great that you and Mike hit it off so well after ten years. Meeting old friends doesn’t always work out, but it’s great when it does…

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