Book Review: Bleeding Ink Anthology

Man so this review along with the other one i am planning on blogging today has been oh so long in coming. so sorry ladies for such a long bit with out getting things done. If you didn’t know what I was talking about when I said ladies, it is the Bleeding Ink Anthology.

The Bleeding Ink Anthology is not something I can easily describe because it is a blending of styles and literary forms. It creates a web of intricate pattern told in verse or short form or just in a few lines that it boggles my mind as to how, in this world, these lovely ladies could edit and put together such a work.

These written word Valkyries are Pat, Tammy, and Lisa. They put together an cast of writers that you probably wont see again for sometime. which has given birth to a very unique feel for this book. I wish I could go in to detail about each story or poem or what ever but it would ruin it. I say this because each author featured in the book twist ans turns into your mind with there word and almost always drops something unexpected in your lap that will catch you off guard, flat footed, or what ever descriptor you wanna put out there for being truly and honestly surprised.

I am an avid reader not a hugely fast reader any more but i still read at least 2-4 books a month(normally recently I been slacking for movies instead) weather it be Ebook, Hard or paperback, or audio. I get it in. This Anthology I only had one thing to tie all these chosen piece together. They had to be Dark Tales not necessarily horror, and not marry poppins, fartin’ rainbows out of chitty chitty bang bangs tail pipe either. Some of them are well strange or twisted, or makes you a bit leery and on edge. sometimes the truth is out there, other times its a simple case of murder, other times things go bump in the night and the monster under the bed eats your left over chinese. not saying these things happen in the book but that should cover the spectrum of what you will read.

All in all this was a fun and fiercely entertaining book which i recommend. I am not going to say it was perfect because this was there first shot with such a work and with 3 mind behind the wheel you can tell that there personalities and ideas still needed time to mesh together and smooth out some of the wrinkles. also the spacing and formatting of the ebook seemed to fill out more pages than ought be able to with its content. At 328 pages in eformat its that log but you get the bag for so please check it out.


2 comments on “Book Review: Bleeding Ink Anthology

  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to review our anthology, BigBear!! This project was indeed our first as the Inkbabes and we are very proud of how the ebook turned out. We received hundreds of submissions and we endeavoured to select the pieces best suited to our theme of “deliciously dark fiction”. We’re thrilled you enjoyed reading the tales we offered in Bleeding Ink – a Collection of Dark Tales, and we’re so pleased about your recommending it to others.

    We wish you a wonderful festive season and continued success with your own projects in 2013!

    a third of the Inkbabes 😉

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