Book Review Balticon 2012 Book Tour: Closet Treats

Well Big Bear is back once more to talk about and discuss my addiction, books and today I have a doozy for this tour oh mine. Which you ask well it’s Closet Treats by Paul Elard Cooley. so shall we? I think we shall.




I am a horror nut, I watch horror movies, I read horror stories and with the sensation of American Horror Story I can watch a horror TV Show. With my love of such media it takes a lot to make me uncomfortable  to creep me out, or to think “that was just wrong”. Well Mr. Paul Elard Cooley does the trick with his book. I am going to do my best to not spoil anything in this because the smallest of slips would ruin the utterly dark, twisted places created by this story.

Cooley tells the tale of another one of his fiends. This one however hinges on the primal fear we all had as children, the fear of something under the bed or in this case in the closet. We all have our personal boogeymen as kids but Cooley takes that to a whole new torturous level. The world build by Cooley is unmistakably unique and as dark as the shadow publication motto “shadow publications were we don’t believe in happy endings”. A great treat I feel in a horror author is the will and fortitude to brooch topics that most folks wont even look at let alone talk about, Cooley goes there in closet treats and he does it in a way that makes you feel so wholly with the main character that you feel like his pain is your pain. I will not disclose what this is but I will say this could be a deal breaker for many because I know a lot of people who find such things to much.

Closet Treats has a wonderful cast of characters, whom you can identify with as you come to know them and ultimately find out there fate at the hands of the lord of Fiends Cooley. I really wish I could go in to more detail about this story but it would just be rife with spoilers and I can’t do that with this book. So please go read this, or listen to the podcast of this story them come here and lets discuss because closet treats is well…A treat.



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