Bear’s Love Music…Honest!

GodsmackMusic, the melodic expression of art. It’s a way to relieve stress by listening or making it. It’s one of the most diverse forms of art out there, and can set or kill the mood if the wrong music is played. Music is a grand endeavor and as a band geek of old I have a very big place in my heart for music. I bring this up because a band I listened to for some time  in my younger days I cam back to this morning. That band is…Godsmack. Godsmack you say, what about them has you waxing poetic down memory lane. well I will tell you.

Godsmack has put a number of albums in the past and recent put out a best of entitled “Good Times, Bad Times – Ten Years of Godsmack” and I would definitely suggest for those not familiar with these guys to pick it up and if you like grab there full catalog because it was epic stuff. I went through alot of bands to talk about in this post but I chose Godsmack for one reason these other bands don’t have Sully Erna. This leading man has one of the, if not the most recognizable voice in all of music. Whats more if you ever had the pleasure to see them live he is not a massive man is a rather average and unassuming fellow. Well until he begins to belt out “Bad Religion” or create a dark and devilishly ethereal vibe with “voodoo”. I am not taking anything away from the rest of the band because with out them this voice would never have reached mine or your ears.

So yeah, Bears do love music this one especially. So when your down and out, tired and need a pick me up, or just feel like dancing like a fool. Put on some tunes and go with the flow, I promise what ever the reason Music is the perfect accompaniment.


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