Time Well Spent

You know some times you try so hard, pouring  your sweat and bleed into something that you dont realize just how burnt out or mentally exhausted you are. Until that is you look at what you have been doing other than working on your project. I have recently done this I have spent so much time between my novel, the podcast, and other things namely my blood sugar. That I didn’t realized I have stopped reading almost completely I have stalked about the net to other blogs, I haven’t touch my manga collection, or any of the awesome books I have awaiting my eyeballs and imagination.

You’ve been working you say, things fall to the way side you say, and that is all true but just like all things your imagination needs fuel, your discipline needs fuel. This is something most of use forget when swept up in a story or in trying to make something how we want it. So I have decided to hammer out some points unto myself 1) read more, 2) excercise more(I was doing this twice aweek or more before and have fallen off) 3) work with in my means. This last one is probably most important because it will make room for the others. Now because I work nights 10pm – 7am I will have to push my will and drive to stay awake a few more hours after work so things can get done. I will have to keep this up for 30 days because science, that SCIENCE!!!! says to form a habit you have to do something for at least 30 days. Once I have spit balled the scheduling around a bit I will post my schedule and but podcasting and blogging will fall on thursdays and fridays I knwo this for curtain so dont worry my faithful few the bear will be bck to his weekly bits. To finish this post up I will let you know I have upgraded abit and gotten a Tumblr and a Pinterest to go along with Facebook, Twitter, Google+. The tumblr is a bit saucy I wil lstil ltalk about my nerdy bits and loves but I will also talk about adult matter and things themed with in that realm. So you could say I am letting my hear down a bit on the Tumblr, not the Pinterest is probably more akin to this and the podcast though I only have one board right now and its just for diabetic recipes the next board will be some sort of nerdy one but I haven’t decided about what yet. Well If you have any idea or either email me jaygbanks@gmail.com or message me on Twitter @JG_Banks, @Nerdy2mepodcast. The pinterest is http://pinterest.com/jgbanks/, ans lastly the Tumblr http://jgbanks.tumblr.com


Big Bear on…Big Bear


Hey guys i am not dead yet…honest its just a flesh wound. Seriously though after a feverish month of podcasting, tied with my first convention of the season I begin outlining a new work as frustration and agitation drive me to out the pen to bed on my story though it was also advised by a author I know whom is much wiser than I and basically said I was forcing it to much.

Also am finishing up Cats beta which has taken me way to long but I want it to be as thorough as possibly because i know he wants to shops it around and or self pub.

In May is my second con of the season Balticon and I will be doing 3 panels there:

•Anime 101 – a intro to Japanese animation for parents to know what there kids are watching and buying and also a way to give perspective fans something to sink there teeth into without jumping into the deep end.

•Anime After Dark – a look at hentai, eroticism, sexual themes, love and romance in anime

•Anime Vs. Traditional(western world animation) – a look at the simulaties, differences and blending of topics, material, subject matter, animation styles and those who create both styles ie Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbara, John Lasiter(Pixar) and folks like John Bluthe( all dogs go to heaven, Fifal An American tail and others) for anime and Japanese animation you have Osamu Tezuka(Astro Boy, Phoenix), Akira Toriyama( Dragon Ball Z) Hayao Miyazaki( Spirited Away, Ponyo, Howl’s Moving Castle) and Isao Takahata(My Neighbors the Yamatas, Grave of the fireflies)

These will be my first panels EVER so I am preparing like a mad man though I hope I don’t come off as a show off or know it all cause I don’t know of the other panelists are preparing or taking it as serious as I am because if you work panels and the video room you can get free admission to the con. I want the experience because it will help me with public speaking(ie readings as an author), and to research for this will help with researching for writing and my podcast. Which is why I am gonna buy my ticket for the con regardless and if they reimburse me that’s cool if not i get to talk about something i love.

My last con Anime Festival Orlando will be in early part of August just before I return to college as a full time student in pursuit of degrees in production technology(radio, television, film, stage) and Journalism(print and broadcast)

On top of all of this I will keep writing, I will keep blogging, I will keep podcasting and I will still hover about on the interwebs and the OWG as the big lovey bear that I am