April Fools? Bleh!

This Bear has never been a big fan of the pulling pranks so this post will be all truth baby booya! I wanted to talk about a couple things one of which is the fact Netflix has added the 90’s most awesome cartoons to its streaming service those being of their cartoon cartoon block. That’s right folks Powerpuff Girls, “Ed,Edd,Eddy”, Samurai Jack, and the others are all there for you enjoyment. I for one am a amazingly happy bear right.

With that annoucment out of the way I can take some time to talk about another awesomeness I have found lately( which equals today) Rooster Teeth’s coming show call “RWBY”. As an anime fan my eyes picked up on the anime influences right away but with the awesome animation and bad ass character designs so perfectly suited by the cell shading I couldn’t help but check out the trailers for Red, White, Black. Yellow will be out before the premere in July I am sure so keep your eyes posted for this as well.

Last just givingyou guys a heads up Jen is out of town right now and I pick her up from the airport come tomorrow morning and we will have you a super awesome episode of Talk Nerdy 2 Me so you guys catch up with us then we will have you a bunch of episodes we have been planning shot out to you guys at once its just like kinda caught up with us all at once with me getting ready for college in august, and her having to go see her ailing grandfather plus out work schedules we just hadnt had a moment to put our lofty podcast ideas on wax so to speak.

Well I am keeping this short and bringing it to a close but I have some 10 things coming up, and even a thing men should know coming down the pipe so be ready because winter is over and the bear is coming out of a hybernative fuge state and he’s ready to rock and maul with the best of them.

so until next time this is Big Bear signing out.

ps, Am I the only one who has noticed that Yorkie’s looks like members of the beetles with those bangs and they pull back their ears?


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