Here I come…

Hiya Everybody! I am back of sorts I have had so much going on its been rather crazy. So I apologize about not being here like a month and a half. Next I will give you a run down on what I have been occupying my time with. First up I submitted a “first draft”of an reading for a short story. This one one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and to think talking for me couldn’t be hard. I even took a day off from work to finish it and try to get it as best as I could with out correction or suggestion for making it better from the content creator them self. I don’t know if I will be what they are looking for hell most likely I am not. This is fine, however because I was offered the chance to do something spectacular and I feel good about this first attempt and I can only get better.

My next time consuming endeavor has been the podcast and it’s bi-weekly content with Jen. I was a bit lax on it because we both have been crazily busy with our day jobs. This will change soon as I will be quitting mine and going to college full time to get a degree in production technology. Which excites me because I can actually learn more about the behind the scenes technical aspects of podcast production, radio, television, hell maybe even stage and so forth. Jen has just started doing night shift so she will be on my old schedule lol meaning recording for her will be a bit easier as she isn’t going to be bouncing back and forth trying to juggle her schedule with mine as  her schedule is now a fixed one like I had. Now also on the side of the podcast I have created a Facebook page  this was in hopes to get more listen and via the listeners more input about the shows content, about what we can do better and about what we have done wrong or can stay the same. Finally I have linked my Google+ with YouTube to create the Talk Nerdy 2 Me channel were we will try to do periodic live streams for reviews and episodes of the podcast(I will also post the audio of those in the RSS feed so you wont miss out though It may take me a bit of finagling as I am still very new to this)

Well there you have it I have been trying to make moved and expand my experiences with this whole wide world of social media and the digital age so please bare with me and hang on because just as I am learning I want you all to come along with me so we can experience this together. As always any suggestions and criticisms are welcome. Talk you again real soon


2 comments on “Here I come…

  1. Hey Bear! Congrats on all the life altering changes and submissions! Wow. Busy time for you but sounds like you have a master plan. Good on ya, hope to see you at OWG again soon.

    • Yes I will be back promise the writing has to take a back sit for a bit because of the audio work but since i sent that in and got things up and running more smoothly I will be tossing the ink once more I just hope I don’t run out of ideas lol

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