5 to go until 100 bits of content

Me PhotoMan, to think I am almost at 100 posts. I didn’t think I did that much on here but 2 years will pile up on you. I have had a wonderful weekend of podcasting, canning, conversation and company. Its been good. So here I am dropping a blog to boost my numbers and get closer to that 100 posts mark.

I am here at the farm, now and the quiet is lovely.  So what to talk about hmmm I figure since I am not prepaired the upcoming blog posts should do. let’s see:

1) 10 Things list coming your way

2) Things Men should know part 4 I think lol

3) Some reviews Movies, Comics, and Tv Shows

4) More Podcasts, I have tons of those so keep and eye out

Speaking of the podcast I am thinking about combining this blog and the podcast as content sometimes and often does over lap and I want to get a wider audience for them both and was thinking combining them would help that though i don’t know. but any way I figure this is enough for now but I would love to hear your thought on combining my two babies or what subjects you guys would like to see me blog or podcast about so contact me here or on FB or by Email: TalkNerdy2MePodcast@Gmail.com. Also comment on the podcast if you have listened with suggestions, criticisms, or what ever fills your mind. And Me and Jen will be glad to address them. Thank you and see later from the den.

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