Big Bear’s Quest: Halo 4

Halo 4, what can I say about this game. The story in continuity with the books it tries to bridge together with the game, it fails at. I know they picked up a franchise from another arguably better studio but the fact remains some editing and attention to detail could have helped the story bits out for those of use who have read all the books, comics, and ground out the games for all the lore bits. The biggest question one will ask them self when starting this game is where the fuck did the other Spartans come from? Next why are they so small compared to Master Chief? Why is Doctor Halsy in this games beginning and never seen again? how the hell did she make it off reach? Why are we fighting the covenant didn’t be play 6 games(including ODST, Reach, Wars) that culminated in a truce and alliance with them? Though one thing you can say which is a plus for this game is “Thank god there is no more flood in this game”. The enemies as usual in all Halo games are smart, tough, and work with the environment well to create challenging game play and not just the slaughter fest that has permeated the franchise in other installments. The game looks great, updated character designs, and the mech designs used for the forerunner weapons and tech are all great. What is not great in this game is the fucking terrible vehicle missions mainly the broadsword one towards the end of the game. Its faults are the tight space your in, the terrible controls. though i honestly feel this is what they were going for to try and create the anxiety and dramatic impact the scene would need in the story. All in all Halo 4 is a good enough game but it basically is the same as all the other Halo’s and I feel fans are better served reading the books for your Master Chief fix. So I am not going to say I am looking forward to the next installment but if i can get it for $7.50 or cheaper I will play it. I haven’t checked out the spartan ops mulitplayer for the game though I hear its good. Maybe that will be a later review but I could take the money I need for a gold membership and get a mic for the podcast lol which would be better appropriated cash at this point lol but hey if you can grab up Halo 4 for cheap or are a die hard franchise fan its a recommend. if not, for this games price, and that of a gold member ship you can get 3 or 4 of the audio books or almost all of the paper backs for the Halo franchise and get a vastly superior experience. This Bear is out until next time.


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