I am a 26 year old wanna be fiction author. I have just recently joined an Online Writing Group at Kelley Armstrong. I have learn a lot so far in my short time there, and I expect to learn much more in the future. I have several different projects, or fiction pieces in the works at any given time, hopefully I will be able to keep you all apprised of the current situation I find myself when it comes to my fiction.

I spent six years in the active military, stationed out of Fort Richardson, Alaska as a paratrooper in Easy Company 1st of the 501st Airborne Infantry Regiment Forward Support company. During those years I was deployed twice once to Iraq for a year tour extended to fifteen months, and then to Afghanistan for 12 months(thankfully not back to back). I got out of the service in 2010, and moved back to Virginia with my family. I was born and raised in Roanoke, but now live two and a half hours away further south in Cedar Bluff. From here I have begun my campaign into fiction writing wholeheartedly, amassing a feline army to help in my literary conquest goals.

The first step in my conquest of fiction literature is to get my name out there. To let you all know more about me and the things that I love, and enjoy. These things are mostly nerdy, and geeky things so if you are afraid, now is the time to run for the hills. It only gets worse from here 🙂 This is Big Bears Den and all who love anime, movies(horror specifically), zombies, books, cats, ranting, raving, and did I mention the cats? Then this is the place for you, so come on in pull up a rock, seat, pile dead leaves, loose foliage, or any other cushion for your tush, and enjoy.


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