10 Martial Arts Movies You Should See….Twice!!

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

This film in general is just beautiful and was the trend setter for modern wire work aka wire fu. This is also one of the best told stories in a martial arts film and kicked off an explosion of films in its wake, ie Hero, and House of Flying Daggers to name a few. heads the Chow Yun Fat film in a very well acted and dramatic action role that suits him very well. The rest of the acting in the film is wonderful. This is a complete recommend form this Bear
Ip Man 1 & 2

Ip Man 10
A set of dramatic martial arts action films, though they differ from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in the that the emotion and impact of these films is explored and expressed through the martial arts more so than the acting. This fact is best symbolized by the 10 v 1 fight in which Donnie Yen’s character Ip Man undertakes in response to events playing out in the story at that time. The movies are both recommended highly though the third film called “the legend is born: Ip Man” can be taken or left it doesn’t star Donnie Yen and suffers from it.
Iron Monkey

Another Donnie Yen film but he is paired with Rongguang Yu, who looks a bit like chow yun fat. This is a very cartoony, film with special abilities that verge on something out of an anime but it is full of awesome choreography, and action.
Fist of Legend

The first Jet Li film on this lit and it was one of my favorites by him. it tells the same story as Ip Man but not as well acted or put together but you don’t come to this film for the story for the most part because the action in this is wonderful.
The Legend of Drunken Master

When it comes to great action, choreography and Jackie Chan you are not gonna get any better than this film. He is in his prime and it shows as his stunts, and Kung Fu are insane in this movie so hands down his best film in my opinion.

The Raid Redemption


as Tai action films go most would say Tony Jaa is tops for the genre but I will counter with this film. As the bevy of actors/martial artists in this film take the limits of what is sane, safe, and expected and toss it to the wind. Giving you a thrill ride of knees, elbows, long no cut shots and stunt work that will make you cringe

Enter the Dragon

What list of film is complete with out the best by the late great Bruce Lee. What can I say other than this movie and his influence is still screaming and punching its way through modern cinema and will remain doing so until the end of film.
Kiss of the Dragon

This is probably the pinnacle of Jet Li’s american films. He is older in this film but his speed, and power is on full display especially in the dojo fight scene were he at one point fight 3 opponent one time.
The Last Dragon

Sho-Nuff the shogun of Harlem makes this movie and when the climactic fight goes down you honestly don’t want him to loose. A cult classic. It has flaws but everyone knows who the Shogun of Harlem Sho-nuff is….
Kung Fu Hustle

Lastly rounding out the list is a wonderful blending of comedy, spectacular choreography and story.if there is anything you can take from this movies awesome is respect your elders cause they may just be Kung Fu masters in hiding.


10 Podcasts You Should Hear…TWICE!!

I am an avid podcast listener, and as a young fledgling podcaster myself I eager take in all the good and bad that I hear. So this list will be the most helpful and best podcasts in the bunch. I will not rank them nor will I say there aren’t better out there but I decided to choose 10 and I am sticking to it. So if I listen to you, and your not here I am sorry just the constraints I put upon myself nothing against you and don’t worry there maybe a second list(of course there will be lol I just can’t help myself). So here it is 10 podcasts you should hear, TWICE!!

The first podcast I ever downloaded and listened to and still do to this day religiously:

I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty


This is a podcast for wanna be fiction writers by a up and coming if not already there fiction writer. Mur Lafferty has opened herself up to her fans and friends alike letting us in on her writing ups, down, rises and falls. She also has openly and candidly talked about her own issues ranging from social anxieties to fighting depression and all the while she is dishing out advice and raising a young one and loving a husband. She is one of the strongest and smartest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet though sadly I totally fanboy’d all over the moment and will have to make up for that hopefully with this years Balticon(fingers crossed)

The Round Table Podcast



This author interview and literary workshop podcast, hosted by the literary alchemists themselves Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey is marvelous to hear. These guys interview a fellow author one episode then the next they being them back and maybe even a fourth host of mystery and then workshop an authors story right on air. I have learned so much about so many people and about spit balling ideas and building a story this is a great podcast to listen to and learn from.

The Shared Desk


The newest podcast outing from godfather of podcasting himself Tee Morris and his lovely wife Pip Ballentine Morris. What can I say about this podcast on writing, social media, marketing, and even bits of there personal life along with their solo and tandem careers. Other than its awesome and when you hear it great things will be shared with you, along with copious drop in awesome from the TeeMonster himself 😛

The Shrinking Man Project


This is a powerful podcast were one man talks very candidly and openly about his struggles and successes with loosing weight and being healthier. That man is Doc Coleman whom I have met and wish I could dress half as dapperly as this man. As someone who has recently had to start being healthier and watching my weight and what I eat and so forth the listen to this podcast and hear about what he goes through and the advice he has and motivations he yields is utterly amazing and a fantastic listen for anyone to learn from.

We Hate Hate Movies

We Hate Movies

A movie review podcast hosted by Andrew Jupin, Chris Cabin, Steve Sajdak, and Eric Szyszka is down right hilarious. They watch movies 10 years old or older and in a comedic way talk about them. Simple right? Right simple and its effective comedy gold.

Yeah It’s That Bad


A shrouded in as much mystery as it is in a massive fart cloud of running gags, in jokes, and bouts of uncontrollable laughter. These three unknown hosts(and they like it that way) are Kevin, Joel, and Martin(and yes Kevin was listed first on purpose) review movies suggested by fans or on a whim they decided to watch and its a wonderful journey to embark with these three… gentleman(?)

Anime World Order


Probably one of these most untimely podcast on the internet but despite it all these three characters Clarissa, Jarold, and Daryl has one of these most knowledgable and informative anime podcast you every wanna listen to and listen you will.

Film Sack


Join Scott Johnson and his FilmSack pals, Brian Ibbot, Brian Dunaway, and Randy Jordan with powerful and spectacularly voiced Scott Flecher as narrator? as they watch films from Netflix streaming and review them just like you and your pals would then dish out some film sack approved awards to finish it up. this podcast is a fun time for all

Blame It On Outer Space


A podcast debunking conspiracy theories in a comedic way. This podcast is the brain bomb of Eric Szyszka, sadly it is only once a month but it is a funny and great way to spend some time out of your day once a month. His fellow pals form We Hate Movies has shown up a couple time but each episode he has some new and funny folk coming in or returning powered by the hot jams of DJ Krymulak this is a podcast like no other.

Fast Karate For The Gentle


This podcast is an anime podcast about food hosted by Dave and Joel to hot blooded, giant robot loving, Food(anime?) loving gents from above the mason dixon who have a good time and bring you along with them, oh and they talk about video games as well 😀


There you have it folks 10 podcasts to bless your ears with. So step back in to the bears den sometime so and I will have somethingelse to spout off to you, I promise.





10 Beers You Should Drink…Twice!(Possibly to Inebriation)

It’s been awhile since I did some good lists so here is another for you and boy is it a doozy. These beers should be drank with a reverence, an almost religious reverence for they are that good. They are not listed in order of best to worst but simple listed and can be drank in any order I do hope you enjoy them where you find them. also practice safety when you drink, because this beer doesn’t have bail money nor will he pick you up form some random spot in the middle of no where after a late end of the night hook up at your local watering hole…Cheers.

1) Dogfish: Noble Rot

2) Sam Adams: Black Lager

3) Sam Adams: Irish Red

4) Yuengling Porter

5) FlyingDog: In Heat Hefeweizen

6) Star Hill: The Love(Hefeweizen)

7) Highlands Brewing Company: Gaelic Ale

8) Fat Tire: New Belgium Amber Ale

9) George Killian’s Irish Red

10) Yuengling Black & Tan

10+ Authors/Peeps You Should Meet…Twice!

This list is not in any order as these folks are just to awesome to put into a sequence. If you have the chance the meet any if these guys jump at the chance you won’t be disappointed.

Scott Sigler

One of the most real and down to earth people I have met. His lovelorn is fans and dedication to them as well as the craft of writing is since amazing. Though his love of Tuaca the taint sweat of the roman legion is still simply odd.

Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine

This dynamic duo if awesome are well, just awesome. Treating there fans like family I have met and hung with them multiple times now and each time they blow me away. Tee is a legend in the podcasting world and his lovely kiwi wife writes like a cunning dervish and I don’t know who can output more stories than she. This team through a haze of cigars, good beer, and even better scotch are paving a path not many will ever match.

Mur Lafferty

Probably the busiest women in podcasting. Her I Should Be Writing Podcast is the highest mark a podcast should be strive to. Her fiction is truly unique just as she is and inspires just as her advice does to us wanna be fiction writers.

P.G. Holyfield

The man never with out a hat. I have met him twice now and he is still just as genuine and fun each time. His personality is ever present in his fiction which is another reason to meet him. I cant think of any reason to not seek him out at a con or bound in the flesh of dead trees.

Starla Hutchton

Probably the toughest lady in podcast. Sadly I didn’t get to see her much at dragon con though that is dragon con. Our first meeting at balticon was amazing and any lady who handles her cookie flavored vodka like that should be respected lol. She also is a word smith creating unique fiction that is a joy to behold.

Donna Mugavero

A force of nature this lovely lady is. So much fun and so down to earth you can not help but smile when she is around. Also some how she keep George Hrab reigned in….some what.

George Hrab

The man who sings for SCIENCE!!!!! His music is just a scratching of the surface that is probably one of the most creative and sharply dressed people outside of Doc Coleman. Catching one of his fantastic performances is a must.

Jason Narvy

Not only is he a fellow Jason, but he was apart of my childhood being on mighty morphing power rangers as the funny high pitched half of bulk and skull. This how ever is not even a fraction of this hilarious classically trained actor. With his doctorate in tow he teaches in Chicago and I can only envy his students.

Sunny Strait

What can I say about the voice of Dragon Ball Z’s Krillin. He can draw, does web comics and even work on some traditional comic properties, and won’t shy from anime con pool party. Sunny is side splittingly funny so if he is coming to a con near you, you should be there waiting.

Dan Southworth

Another figure of so many childhoods as the red quantum ranger. Yet as other rangers e so much more making a name for himself in hollywood as a stuntman, motion capture man, and fight choreographer for countless films. He is only outshines by the fact he loves his fans and can be found amongst them at a pool party just as easily as he can be found in his web series divergence kicking serious ass.

Windi Lee

A monolith in voice acting. With well over 200 roles she is a great example for girls and women alike for her dedication and professionalism. See also took my con cherry at anime festival Orlando 2011. She was such a joy to talk to, a must meet and any con she attends

Kyle Hubbert

The voice of Kamina from Gurren Lagann. What can you say about the man behind the most manly man in the world of anime. He is approachable and hilarious to boot and made my second anime festival Orlando remarkable.

Richard Epcar

The most recognizable in anime as Batou of ghost in the shell. He also runs a hilarious out takes panel from some of his other anime roles. Also i grew up with him on daytime soaps…what!? There was only one tv in my house. But what blew me away was when I asked him for a bumper for my podcast he was willing to do an interview and I didn’t even ask a definitely awesome guy.

Cinda Williams Chima

Author of the Heir series and 7 worlds series. Yet with all this she is so down to earth and humble about her success. She was awesome to meet and talk to such a great experience.

10 Zombie Movies You Should See…Twice!(It could save your life)

AH Yeah big bear is back in action and after a fantastic interview with Sir Siglerisimo, the FDO himself, I took a rural retreat tio Eagle Ridge Farm, and now I am revitalized, renewed and ready to educate. Educate you say? In what field…Zombie survival of course. The best way to do this visual add. Which is why the 10 things you should see twice gonna be 10 zombie films that could save your life.

The Horde

Is a wonderful horror film with fast rage zombies. it truly shows how a massive group of zombies is the most dangerous. Cops, gangsters, and criminals must ban together against the undead with all they can muster giving a good example of team play.


A paramedic team tried in vain to save there latest injury when he turns in to an undead and forces them to do the opposite of there normal jobs. This movie provides very goo insight into the life one will lead when on the movie and trying to survive and locate refuge.

Devil’s Playground

A movie where the zombies are fast. agile, and don’t know the meaning of quit. this movie teaches us one very important lesson do not let in fighting, bickering, or subterfuge  infiltrate your ranks. If it does it must be dealt with quickly and with finality.

Berlin Undead

This movie was a very fun and informative watch showing just how easily one can find ways around an apartment complex to avoid the undead. also how to engineer materials to your advantage. Also this film shows how team work truly will play apart if you are stuck in such a living space with other during the undead outbreak.

Night of the Living Dead

this is a classic traduce on how to survive a zombie outbreak when out man, out gunned, and with limited supplies on hand. This also shows you how hysteria, panic, and subterfuge can break a group. Another valuable lesson is how to not be rash in your plans for escape and survival when the undead horde is at your door.

Zombies of Mass Destruction

this is a film that shows you the true diversity that ones group of survivors can randomly take and how to deal with it, without hurting your chances of survival.

The Dead

This movie is a spectacular example of how to survive in a wide open area filled with zombies, and your supplies are down to what you have on hand. this also shows you how environment can play a huge role in how you choose to take on the undead scourge. whether its escape, hold up and wait, or the offensive purge of the undead all of these are shown and explored with varying degree of success.


This movie is a lesson fused with comedic over tones to soften the harsh reality of a zombie infestation. but this movies most valuable lessons are in keeping up your confidence in face of overwhelming devastation and the desolation that can set in on one during their survival.

Perkins 14

This movie only has one real lesson to teach us but it is something we all my face at one point or another during the zombie outbreak. That is Family, who have fallen to the undead and need to be expunged. a grizzly reminder that they lost, and we have still yet to survive and try to win in face of the odds

Dead Meat

I have placed this movie on the list as not a way to learn to survive but learn what not to do. because if you go about this films way of trying to survive you wont last very long amongst the living..trust me.


Noe my fellow Zombie apocalypse survivors These are 10 films that will teach you valuable lesson on how to survive the zombie outbreak, offensive and purge. so please take heed of them and know that when the day comes I will be with you in the resistance and removal of the undead. So I will give an item for item breakdown of my zombie survival gear so until then this is big bear signing out from the den.


10 Movies Men Should See…Twice!

Well here are 10 movies men should see…twice and I have seen these more times than I can count 😉 Bear tested and father approved


A Fist full of dollars Eastwood at his ass kicking, gun wielding finest and we men could learn alot from a guy who will punch a chick in the face and make a mends by ransoming her off for money then causes the utter


Expendables what can I say so much awesome in this movie you could use the blu-ray to shave with– “what’s he doing?” “looks like he is gonna hang a pirate?” “hey what are you doing?” “gonna hang a pirate…”


Best Post western era of Eastwood’s career men gotta watch but you can take the ladies to trust me they will like it and the sounds track features a song sung by Eastwood and its hauntingly awesome


If I have to tell you why this tombstone is awesome, then two things Snake Pliskin  and Batman


Some one dies and comes back with an eyepatch in machete enough said


In Faster The Rock Shoots people in the face and drives a sweet ass car + has a knife fight in a strip club with an ice pick


on the cover walking tall he is carrying a 2×4 in the movie he wields that same 2×4 any questions?


Its Indy baby young ford as a whip whipping Nazi ass kicking treasure hunter with a thing for college chicks how the hell more manly or American can you be?


Red hill is one of the best modern western I have seen in along time and nothing beats revenge by shotgun


speaking of revenge by shotgun Hobo with said shotgun is so over the top ridiculous murder death kill spree you wont know were the blood starts and ends


Crazy murderous monsters hump and kill there way through 3 movies ending with a giant robot, perverted old man and a mariachi band interested yet

10 Movies Kids Should See…Twice!

Yeah so on half of these movies I am going to be dating my self horribly but oh well there good shit for kids made a bear out of me dang it 😉


Pirate treasure and super sloth no better buddy movie for kids


You tell me a bunch of acid tripping teddy bears that spew rays of light out there bellies as gangsta as the carebears? that is what i thought


Disney at its finest and it teaches you the benefits of oatmeal cream pie little debbie cakes and why nerds rock


its a witch with a talking cat coming of age tale and there are air ships, flying bikes(sorta) and the artwork is amazing

Spirited away is probably Miyazaki’s finest work plus there’s dragons and food that turns you into a pig


Halloween at Christmas time Burton has done nothing finer since this is what a good film, a classic film truly looks like


A modern feast for the eyes and imagination what other movie has dragons and vikings and is for kids huh? don’t worry the Bear will wait


A super hero family movie and Sam Jackson is in it can you get any cooler?


We All had that big ass dog on the block that ate all that came near him and somethings it just inhaled and this movie shows you what happens when that dog interferes with our love of sports


Race for your life charlie brown is not my favorite but I think it has a great cover and I couldn’t find snoopy come home. The Peanuts are a classic is there ever was one and will last the test of time besides snoopy flies as the red baron on his dog house what?

10 Anime You Should See…Twice!

Well, I asked and those of you who answered wanted this so it is here 10 Anime You Should See…Twice! This is just a list of anime I think are very good and should be seen by all who say they like anime and definitely by people who aren’t really into anime. I am done blabbing so here you are.

I am going to go with Grave of the Fireflies first off, this is a very, very iconic work of Isao Takahata, well known for his work with Studio Ghibli. Though most would say he is  out shined most often by the more well known Hayao Miyazaki, his talent and skill in film making should not be thought any less of than Miyazaki. This work is a very dark, and sad film showing the struggles of a boy and his younger sister trying to survive in WW2 era japan. The animation is what you might think seeing as Isao Takahata is with the illustrious Studio Ghibli…Amazing the character designs are very unique and the art shows great emotion on the faces of the characters and builds a wonderful world to behold. This film should be seen twice just now back to back it is very very heavy man….

Up next is a movie I picked up on a whim and it turned out to be a fabulous film, the OAV Summer Wars by Mamoru Hosoda. Hosoda also directed “The Girl Who Lept Through Time” a very very good film should check it out, Some one of you not so into anime fan probably have seen his work in the Digimon TV series(yeah 90’s TV baby) and for all you manly men out there he did work on episode 6 of the anime based on Kazuo Koike manga series Crying Freemen. That is one hell of a resume huh? So how does this translate into Summer Wars, it makes for a fantastic SciFi romp through a world were the internet and social media run the real world in ever since of the word I mean in this film the government offices are based out of the online MMO style community. Now that I have said that you probably know whats coming don’t you rampant computer virus fucking shit up and you are right but the thing that makes this movie stand out his not the plot itself but how the plot is carried out and how the animation of the film bolsters said plot. Also the family aspect and character development are phenomenal additions to something so tried and true in the science fiction genre.

To follow the scifi trend I am going to talk about an anthology from the early 90’s Robot Carnival this anthology got play on several main TV Channels in the us Thanks to Ted Turner but I remember catching it on the SyFy channel before they became the science less being of reality suck that they are now. This is a compilation of shorts(thus anthology) but it is all about the Robot and the theme is a robot carnival and the intro and outro to this anthology show a town destroying unstoppable force that is a massive robot carnival traveling the world bring pain, destruction and death were ever it travels, who would have thought cute ballerinas would fall form the sky and explode huh? I am not going to go into any of the anthology pieces(saving that for a full review) but they are varied and very fun, awesome products of 80’s/90’s anime boom or the Era of the OAV.

Keeping with SciFi but from a time after the Era of the OAV I will talk about Cowboy Bebop, and now a days if you haven’t heard of this or scene this beast of a “space opera” bounty hunter epic then were the hell were you when Cartoon Network was worth watching? This show is by far one of the best dubbed anime in the history of anime. The Iconic Wendee Lee(whom holds my Anime Con virginity in a jar over her bed as a trophy) plays the voice of the Fem Fatale Faye Valentine, I could go on and on about the cats of this show but none of them in my opinion played such an impressive role in the westernizing of Anime than Wendee Lee her 300+ roles as an Anime voice actor put her in a class all her own since she start back in the days of Stream Line dubbing co. Cowboy Bebop is just how I said a Space Opera about bounty hunters, whom all have a past but come together to form a little family trying to scratch out a living in a world of war veteran hermaphrodites and dogs used for data storage. This show should be seen like a billion times I can’t get enough of this show and it boast one of the best anime sounds tracks of all time director Shinichirō Watanabe also did Samurai Champloo boy embraced by western audiences yet didn’t do so hot in japan. both of those series should be checked out there why I love Science Fiction.

Now Perfect blue is a throw back to the days of the OAV directed the late Satoshi Kon this psychological thriller about a pop star idol being driven insane by her obsessed fan who dresses like her and does horrible things is a great film and shows just why Satoshi Kon was not a force to be trifled with. His vision and style were not flawless but were so unique, and jaw droppingly beautiful his short comings were pushed to the side. This being one of his earlier works those are a little more prevalent in this film but the man gets better oh god does he get better and his presence in anime will truly be missed. You should also see Paranoia Agent(will be on this list), Paprika, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, and the short film Magnetic Rose in the Memories Anthology(also on this list) every last one of these is a classic and you will now why I say he will be missed once you watch them.

I am now going to talk about Hayao Miyazaki’s amazing film Princess Mononoke. This was the second Studio Ghibli film I had ever seen and is still one of my favorites. The story is a tale about a prince of an almost extinct tribe known as the Amishi. The prince for one reason or another has to leave his home and travel never to return. This movie is distinctly Miyazaki with expansive back grounds full of delicious detail and very airy almost flying like scenes of the princess travels draw you into the world he is portraying in this film. The voice cast on this film is top not and you scifi nerd will get a kick out of Gillian Anderson of the Smash hit X-Files where she played Doctor Dana Scully does the voice of Moro the wolf Goddess, Also in this film are Jada Pinkett-Smith, Billy Bob Thorton, Billy Crudup, Minnie Driver, Claire Danes and more. This is a wonderful, action packed film that tells you a story and provides and narrative on protecting the environment with out beating you over the head with it. This is one of Miyazaki’s greatest works and deserves all the accolades it has received over the years.

Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent, and surreal psychological thriller about a inline skate wearing metal baseball bat wielding adolescent named Lil’Slugger(Shonen Bat in japanese). What can I say about this short little anime Anime series other than hold on to your hates folk this is a wild ride and will have you gripping your seats trying to figure out what you just saw. The animation, pacing, story, and over feel of this show is perfect I will not go on much about this or I will be raving about how much I love this series its rather expensive now to try and own but if you can catch a deal definitely grab this series.

Memories another anime anthology piece I am only going to talk about Magnetic Rose one of the three shorts. This one was done by yet again Satochi Kon, and this is yet again another psychological thriller but this one is based in space and one hell of a trip, telling the story of space trash,and salvage collectors who get drawn into a mysterious part of space known as the magnetic rose due to a distress beacon they pic up while out on a job. The whole anthology is worth seeing but Magnetic Rose is worth the price of admission this film isn’t to expensive online so go and grab it folks you won’t regret it.

This film is another studio Ghibli trade mark Porco Rosso, a film about a man cursed to look like a pig until he is kissed in true love. Did I mention he is an ace fighter plane Pilot? This is a beautiful film and since it is based on flying Miyazaki’s skills are on full display. The characters you meet are fun, funny, and loveable I don’t really know what else to say about it with out going into it and spoiling it so go get it folks it is readily available since Disney is putting out everything Ghibli has to offer.

last but not least is an Anime I saw that I didn’t really like when I was younger called Galaxy Express 999 but now that I have gone back and watched it now that I am older and can pick up on the things conveyed in the movie I love it and see it for the classic it is. This movie was directed by Rintaro and tells the story of a boy trying to get a robot body so he can get revenge on the man that killed his mother and how he grows up, matures and learns the ways of the galaxy. What makes this an even more exquisite film is how it ties together the universe created by Leiji Matsumoto by featuring the well known Space Pirate Harlock and the well known ship Arcadia. This is a very heavy film with a pretty serious message behind it and I feel its a worth the watch and price of admission just to see Harlock pilot his ship in space from the outside lol. There is sequel called Adieu Galaxy Express 999 which I still need to see.

There you have it my friends 10 Anime You Should See…Twice! Though I am not held responsible if you watch Grave of the Fireflies twice back to back and decide living is to hard and you wanna off yourself I warn you now that and a few other titles on this list are fucking heavy. Well its 4 in the morning and this Big Bear needs some sleep before he does more work for you all hope you enjoyed this trip in Big Bear’ Den, now get out *Rearing back on his hind legs and roaring with sleepy annoyed rage*

10 Horror Movies You Should See…TWICE!

I am a well known Horror Movie Junkie amongst my friends, I don’t really watch much else unless its anime or a good testosterone pumping action flick. Since I love the blood letting scream inducing horror genre so much I would like to do a list of my favorite/should see/ can’t get enough horror movies. This is not going to be a best of the best just 10 movies I think you all should see and if you do, will want to watch them again and show your friends and family.








Dance of the Dead

This movies shows you what happens when radiation created zombies break loose from there dank     and dirty graves and crash your high school prom and also why you should never fuck with your war vet gym teacher, this not a scary movie just a well comedy/horror film a definite must see

Night of the Living Dead

What can I say this is what started the whole zombie craze and a must see for anyone who is a  George Romero fan, because its what made him famous. The effects and acting are typical of its era but age well and entertains like no ones business

[REC] + [REC]2

This is a duo of horror Films that take the hand held camcorder style and does it right. Not one time during these movies did I feel like I would vomit up my stomach lining but I did think I was going to go horse from cheering on the sledge hammer wielding bad ass in part one and from saying OMG are you for real in part two these are foreign horror film making at its finest

28 Days Later

This was my first taste of the more modern new style of zombie the kind that runs blazingly fast and turns from corpse to brain munching ghoul in seconds is a UK horror flick and produces a not as good but still entertaining sequel.

Wicked Little Things

Is a child zombie movie from the After Dark Horror Film festival collection 1, these pint sized zombies know exactly how to handle a tiny rural community who worked them to death in mines in its founding by eating them brain first.

Dark Ride

This is another After Dark Horror Film Festival Collection 1 film but instead of zombie you have a teen scream slasher were a gang of friends are trapped in an old run down carnival ride and there is more than facsimiles of dangerous scary things with in these walls


Is a film about a group of delinquent boys and girls brought to a deserted island to camp and learn to work as a team through wilderness survival skills but things go to hell in a hand basket drench in gasoline when attack dogs make kibble out of the counselors and there left by themselves to practice what they were yet to learn.


This is a French zombie film that takes place during a heavy winter were one ambulance medic and her partner/lover if you will find out just how well trained they are to save lives when its there that is at stake.


Is a horror film were the Us Mexican border is ground zero for a alien monster invasion and a photographer who wants to make it big is stuck in the middle of all this mess when his boss tasks him with returning his daughter home safely.

Trick or Treat

Last but not least is one of my very favorites an horror anthology that is done like a theatrical quilt     putting several stories together to make one well meshed and tied together movie that you will want to watch over and over just to let you know Samhain is present in this movie and is very much the bad ass that history makes him out to be.

These are some of my favorite horror films and I implore you all to check then out they are some seriously entertaining shit and will leave you hungry for more. If you guys liked let me know I may do more of these I don’t know just depends on life I supposed and how many more flicks I can cram in to my work heavy life so until next time this is Big Bear crawling back in to his den.