Anime in Hollywood…

With the release of the fantastic film Pacific Rim(Which everyone should see) I am reminded of just how much anime(Japanese Cartoons) have influenced Hollywood and Tv. This is news to alot of people and alot of them call shenanigans on my claim, this is fine because everyone has there freedom to feel that way but I am here today in the Den to posture alittle bit so “Bear” with me.

I am a huge nerd we all know this and take it as fact lol(most do anyway) and this means I watch things from Doctor Who to Warehouse 13 back to X-Files and Star Trek: Next Generation ending with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons. So shows like FireFly are loved by me and so many others yet when I brought up the fact that the scene in the beginning of the series when Dr. Simon Tam’s sister River is awakened coiled up in a briefcase the first thing out of my mouth was holy shit its Outlaw Star.


Melfina awoken in Outlaw Star

I am not saying this is a bad thing at all but but on the contrary is a great homage to Whedon’s love of anime. Yet alot of fans of the show call it a qawinky dink. Well huh.

Another movies that had my anime senses tingling was The Chronicle. I n my opinion its the closest we will probably ever get to an Akira movie. What is Akira you ask? Well it’s a SciFi action film from the 1988 directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, written by Otomo and Izo Hashimoto and is thought to be one of the most beautiful and influential feature length Anime to this day. It’s about a kid who gets psychic powers and as we power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The kid turns totally bag and ends up going against his friends, the government and himself. the story parts are very similar but the two key things that connected The Chronicle and Akira in my mind was the speech in chronicle about natural selection and apex predators and the visuals during the hospital break out and fight were the man character in chronicle has his head bandaged, along with his arm and leg and looks almost identical to Tetsuo in Akira during his hospital scenes. also the fight during the climax shown in the trailer has alot of similarities between the Tetsuo v Military fight in Akira.














I have simply talked about a tv show that has gained massive love from a its massive fanbase and a major motion picture that hit thousands of screens world wide. So to finish up and back track both at the same time I want to come back to Pacific Rim, or as alot of my friends call it G Gundam meets Godzilla. Gundam and Godzilla are probably the two most recognizable franchises to come out of Japan. The Godzilla connection in Pacific Rim is right in front of you as soon as you see the trailer giant monsters known as Kaiju. When you watch the film these creature designs are all based on Earth based critters, like the gorilla-esk monster fought by the main characters in there robot Gypsy Danger, or the crab like kaiju in a key flashback scene. Now the thing that brought the butts to the seats was giant robots and these things are awesome, and there connection to anime in this humble Bear’s opinion is more based in the work of Go Nagai. the Key and point being the Rocket Punch shown in the trailers along with the chest missiles used in the film and the chest blast which is very similar to Getter Robo’s Getter Beam. Where as the crews of each robot are definitely of the G Gundam-esk stereotypes ie cocky Americans, tough stern no fun Russians(with crazy 80’s hair), the lightening fast kunfu using Chinese team, and the cowboy like Australians.

Mazinger Rocket Punch

Mazinger Rocket Punch

Gypsy Danger Rocket Punch

Gypsy Danger Rocket Punch












The moral of this post in the nutshell is basically to say there is nothing wrong with liking anime or giving it its proper due, Hollywood does, even though they may not scream it from the mountain tops. The influences are all throughout our favorite tv shows, games, movies you name it. So when some nerdy lil otaku like me says hey man there is this Japanese cartoon with stuff just like that or identical too, why not check it out you could be pleasantly surprised.

Well this Bear is signing out sorry for the super long post, but some times a guy just has to go hey look! SEE! I told you man! and let that be that lol. Anyway hope I didn’t bore you with my gibber jabber and just maybe you came away with a new outlook on anime and how it can show up when you lease expect it. so until next time.


Balticon 46–Part 1

As I have been a fan of podcasts, podcasters, and books. I have heard so many people talking about Balticon being the podcaster con, and never got around to going until this year. Man boy have I been missing out. This was the most amazing time I have ever had, I met so many people that are from podcasts that I listen to. I was in constant fanboy and it was great.

I needed to rehydrate and calm myself from 7 plus hour drive

My room was nice though I think I like the hotel at Anime Festival Orlando better

Looks comfy don’t it


My Digital landscape

The con hub for Sportcenter




If you guys watched my twitter or my Facebook I came up on Thursday giving myself a bit of recovery then the next day I began the con off right with a panel about steam punk with Tee Morris, Philippa Ballantine Morris, and Doc Coleman. This was my first time meeting the good doctor even though that morning I was eating breakfast and he was just outside in the lobby waiting for Nathan Lowell. The whole time we had been tweeting back and forth. Then later on I met up with Tee and Pip and the Manly Man Morris began his preparations for the New New Media party which was everyone showing up with meat and good beer at the Marriott Residence Hotel and Tee grilling it up. This was so much fun, we plan on doing it again hopefully it will get bigger.








I began the day with another awesome breakfast







Then I started out with a panel about editing your podcast with Michael L. Stokes, John Mierau, Paul Elard Cooley, Tim Dodge and John Anealio. I recorded this whole panel I am not a good filmer but its not to bad some shaky bits but nothing to bad. Though I am using the free wordpress and I haven’t got the video upgrade so I will figure out something either youtube or facebook or something.

Awesome and informative

I also went to the Geek Radio Live Panel and it was a blast to behold SHO-NUFF!



Next up was Tee and Pip’s signing then following them was Nobilis Reeds signing. Things were going good until I made the fatal flaw of goingto the room to take a nap as I was still very fatigued from the new new media party and I aggrivatingly slept through the I Should Be Writing Live panel by Mur Lafferty…maybe next year. I did how ever go to Scott Sigler‘s panel on Expanding his Galactic Football League series.

If only pictures could talk

The Wiener is!!!?

I rounded out the evening with a little Erotica Ala Cart: Iron Chef. There are pictures but these are..well they involve a plus penis, and the miss use of Rumbas so I don’t know if they could be placed on the blog just yet gotta ask some people for permission lol. Let me tell you if you can make it to Balticon next year this panel is a MUST.

Finally I went to the Greoge Hrab Concert it was awesome. The one down side is that I had only my iphone I captured video but it is not good quality and it would not do the awesome that George Hrab puts down at his shows justice. Then I finish the night up with more hanging wih folks and hittin the bar. A real girl herself bought me a drink and Scott and I talked up the playoff and the coming football season needless to say it aint a party unless your double fisting some sort of alcoholic beverage which is the reason I didn’t end up back in my room til 3am or so lol.



I started with some Mickey D’s I  McGriddles lol. Then I hit my first panel which was on building a religion in your Fiction with John C.Wright, Barbara Friend Ish, Gail Z. Martin, Bernard Dukas, and the awesome P.G. Holyfield. Then I went to Anime for parents and the Scifi in anime panels. The notable things about this is after wards I walked with the members of the panel who are on the Balticon Anime track and they want me to do Anime panels next year so look out Balticon 47 Big Bear will be in you.

After a nap(these podcasters can drink) I grab some lunch and head to the live Shared Desk. I recorded all of this as well(I need a youtube account) but the most exciting then other than a visit from Crazy Uncle Charlie was the world premier of the book trailer for the second Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novel The Janus Affair.

Devo Spice Nerdcore at it’s finest

Riding this awesome wave I went to the Devo Spice concert and it was Fucking Hilarious and awesome and I will totally have to make a youtube account so I can post it up for you guys I recorded the whole thing every song from begining to end. Then I was off for the last night of partying

Monday’s big goodbye.


Was fun but sad for it was the last day of the con I attended Nathan Lowell’s reading and Doc Coleman’s reading

Reading Divine Inspirations: A blasphemy in 3 acts(Act 2)

Doc Coleman, and Yoji Kondo

Well That was my balitcon in a nutshell I have a blast and cannot recommend this convention enough to anyone who loves podcasters, or SciFi, or both. Part to will be just all the random pics I took from panels, around the con and the Monday goodbye/send off lunch. Well this is Big Bear signing off for now.



Secret World of Arrietty

It is a well known fact that I am a huge Anime fan, so the fact that it took me so long to get down to writing this review. This most anticipated movie is as you probably guessed the new Hayao Miyazaki film Secret World of Arriety. This film is based on the novel “The Borrowers” by Mary Norton.

This film was aesthetically marvelous as all Studio Ghibli films are. The animation is never questioned when Miyazaki, Takahata, or studio Ghibli is involved. The real gem of this film is the story itself not a very happy one by any stretch of the imagination when compared to other Miyazaki films like Ponyo, Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivary Service yet nothing as intense as Takahata’s Grave of the Fireflies. In a nutshell to try and be as spoiler free as possible, the story is about a boy sent to his mothers childhood home because he is ill and will soon have surgery. One at this childhood home events unfold to take him on a journey of young love, conflict, lose, and growth.

To my friends with children or my guys with girlfriends I have recommended this movie highly because of the brilliant portrait painted of the two main characters separate family lives, the deep emotional connection and innocent relationship nurtured between them. To be a bit crass this movie will get the hunting male some secure footing for his endeavors, and the family man will have the kids attention sowed up and a fun romp for him and the Mizz.

To finish this movie was warm heart wrenching experience for me and I put this movie right along side Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away. A must go see if at all possible and a definite Blu-ray purchase when it hits shelves. I hope you all enjoyed Big Bear’s choice of film and will heed my advice and pick up Arrietty so until next time

*lumbers into his den a haughty stride in his step if such a thing is possible for a bear*

AFO In Review: Day 3

Alright this is the last day of AFO In Review and tagging along will be my summary of the dealers room. This will be a very short review because I only went to one panel, by this point of the con I was exhausted I hadn’t been sleeping much since the I hung out the first night, and wrote reviews the next two nights, all which didn’t get me in bed until 4am or later and I was back up before 9 because of early morning panels.

Well what did you do you ask? Well I went to the Anime You Should Watch panel, I enjoyed it very much the complete list of what was shown can be found at the AWO website which I have listed on the blog. Oh and for the AAA podcast panels they are also broken down on there site. This panel was again well done the host Daryl Surat obviously has used it many times and come to grips with its quirks and issues. To sum up my opinion of this Con if you have a chance to see any of the podcaster led panels go to them. Panels I wanted to go to but couldn’t do to either other panels, sleep, or time crunches, there was the Konoha Corner panel(a podcaster panel), The Fairytale panel(another podcaster panel). To make up for this I will be checking out there podcast and reviewing it in the future, but since I keep writing review checks for my ass to cash I have a full plate and can’t even tell you when I will be able to get to it. Also slowing down my podcast reviews is the fact I am running out of HD space, but a external is coming so yeah.

Also on Sunday, I spent time getting the autographs I needed to finish up my con guide pictured above and Reuben Langdon was the last of those. If you notice yes Wendee Lee(who proclaimed me no longer a con virgin) and Christina Vee both laid some love down in there for me(no I did not ask which makes it even more fucking awesome). Speaking of Miss Christina Vee she is totally smoking nerdy lil geek girl and if you weren’t there for he flash back to high school drum line with some awesome technical drumming skills then you missed out it was awesome and I am pretty sure every band geek nerd in the room got a semi. well enough of my band geek gushing on to the dealers room.

The dealers room at AFO was rather a let down. there were only 2 booths that were worth your time, the first was the Anime Pavilion booth. this was the only major manga both there and the deals they offered werent to great but they had a huge huge selections to choose from also they had a decent selection of anime on Blu-Ray and DVD. This booth was pretty straight forward but I actually didn’t buy anything from them I bought my few items from the 2nd booth worth talking about the Discotek Media booth, which had a good sized selection of stuff but the best part was the variety, I bought Sea Prince and the Fire Child, Megazone 23, and Galaxy Express 999 all from there. 999 and Sea Prince were 15 a piece and no there isn’t deal per say for this price but animation quality, nostalgia(for 999 anyway) the prices were good. Sea Prince is a great example of how anime was influenced by early Disney cartoons I mean the animation is right out of Bambi, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and the like. Megazone 23 was a good pick up because the animation, and mecha designs were phenomenal plus it has a decent little storyline. So there is your dealers room in a nutshell sorry but almost all the other booths were just the same run of the mill, plushy this, poster that, hug pillow here, spank sheets there.

To Finish up all in all AFO is a great starter con, I mean its no were near as big as Otakon or AWA, I will say this the rave I personally could do with out but it brings in people which is what the con needs to survive and flourish so whatever. Also I really wish the Con cracks down on fucking dumb bullshit costumes and what I mean by this is, if you and your friends wear towels and say your the old spice guys then you should probably be put to death, I mean made to go change or whatever. also if you were a yellow towel and some pikachu ears and say your cosplaying as pikachu then your death should be painful and slow. There where many more costumes that shouldn’t in my opinion be allowed I mean seriously check out some of the cosplayers I got pictures of on my Facebook there were some good costumes out there I ain’t saying go all out like that but for the love of god the fucking furries had better costumes fuck. Oh and furries if your gonna come to the con, save it for the rave or something jeez unless your the awesome cosplayer in the full Star Fox suit that was a great costume that did dwell in to the realm of furries but “I’ll allow it” sadly I didn’t get any pics of Star Fox just video that I may edit and post but go knows if or when. so yeah if you were a towel and that’s it your not cosplaying and you should die.

Well That is my review of AFO I hope you are intrigued enough to check it out next year I will be there hopefully with business cards and a years worth of blogs, and maybe even a press badge to boot but anyway I am signing off I got work tonight so keep a look out for my Artist Alley series of blogs which may or may not be a continuing deal so until next time.

AFO In Review: Day 2

We have now moved into the most populated, and crazy day of the con Saturday. So Much was going on and I was running around to so many panels and what not that I don’t have many pictures from Saturday but I do have a lot of panels to run through.

First and fore unlike most people I was up and at’em early Saturday morning for the 9 am Start Your Own Anime Podcast Panel. I will be honest I wouldn’t have missed this panel for anything on this earth, I tell you this because You have SBR Ryu from the GunDAMN! anime podcast, Chiaki and Mitsugi from AAA podcast, Daryl, Gerold, and Clarissa from the AWO(Anime World Order) podcast, and the SSAA(ass backward) anime podcast crew. This last podcast I hadn’t ever heard of before because I felt my search for anime podcast was over once I found AWO, AAA, and GunDAMN!, but hey never close your self off to new things and since the con I haven’t been able to get around to listening to them but I am going to and will definitely review them at some point(more than likely when I cam finish there backlog and catch up, that goes for all of these podcast oye).

This panel was scheduled against the Saturday morning cartoons panel, which in my opinion was a common occurrence, Podcaster panels either being lined up against things that drew huge crowds for the wrong reasons(in my opinion) or against one anothers panels examples Traveling to Japan panel up against Jason David Franks karate panel, Gambling anime and manga panel, The Awesome Fights in Asian Cinema against Science Fiction Anime, The JRPG Panel against Devil May Cry Reboot and Devil May Cry Panel with voice actors in tow. Also The Mecha Modeling 101 Panel against the Panel of DOOM!. This to me seemed like something that was very deliberate, also the Gambling anime and manga panel kicked off the 18+ time slot even though it was not 18+, all this taking into account I feel is the reason these panels didn’t get as much love as they should. I know that man of these got good turn out but could have gotten better turn outs if in bigger rooms and bit better scheduling, if you still have your Con schedules then you will see there are so many grey spots of empty time in every panel rooms column that these changes could have been done. Anyway I have rambled on enough I should be happy that people cam out at all but yeah anyway

The Start your own anime podcast panel was very good more open forum than the other panels but the hosts were all of course very knowledgeable. They displayed there knowledge with well formed and opinionated answers to the questions from the Host. I am not going to go into to much detail because I have some video from this panel that I have to edit and get up on here for you all. To sum up if you didn’t your pool Party hung over asses up and check out this panel or if you skipped it for Saturday morning cartoons that were for the most part not even Japanese cartoons then you should probably just fucking hang your self and stop talking about or watching anime.

Short side note after this I went out and ate breakfast with SBR Ryu and his wife, Doc Anime was there as well and it was a very good time. Now onto my next panel which was Traveling to Japan by AAA podcast crew. This panel was very well done and put together it was obvious Chiaki had a lot of time and chances to perfect this panel, also it is easy to see she had been to Japan multiple times. I had never been to a con before so this was my first time at seeing a rather in depth look at traveling to Japan and I learned a lot. This was one of my favorite panels, sigh why lie all the podcaster panels were my favorite and if you think I am bias because I listen to them, I say again if you had of gone you would have seen that these guys prepared there panels and executed with flawlessly though there were some tech difficulties but hey that happened a lot all over the con in many panels so you can just ignore that for the most part.

The next panel I went to as you can see was the EyeShield 21 panel, a shonen sports show about football you heard me right football, AMERICAN Football. This panel was done by Sean Forster this was not the most technically sound panel nor was he the most eloquent speaker. However this was his first panel at a con and the concepts he wanted to try and convey did come across, and he even went far enough to show real life comparisons of things covered in the show. He did a very good job at explaining the types of shonen sports show characters that you will find in the genre, and how the abilities and skills are conveyed along with exaggerations taken to make the show more enjoyable. All in all this was a very informative panel even though he didn’t go along wit his own panel break down. I attribute this to lack of confidence and fans of the show ruining his set up by blabbing out but that is to be expected when you have hard core fans of the show amongst your audience. If Sean does another Eyeshield 21 panel at future AFO’s or other cons I go to then I will definitely go this panel was good but the ceiling for it is no were insight.

I had later on the Awesome Fight in Asian Cinema , Science Fiction Anime, and JRPG Panels all hosted by the Anime World Order panel except for the Scifi anime panel which Gerold was a co-host along side Jaun Sanmiguel and older anime fan with a rather vast pool of anime knowledge. I listen these all together because they are rather straight forward in there subject matter, common panel hosts, and there one right after another. These were all put together well and ran seamlessly. Sadly the Fights in Asian Cinema and SciFi Anime panel were up against one another and I missed the beginning of the Scifi anime panel.

After a rather large period of time with a good bit of panels I only peeked into or avoided all together came the last two panels for me the Mecha Modeling 101 panel and the Panel of DOOM!. Sadly they were put against one another and on top of that I was almost late do to some FUCKING ASSHOLE passing out for some damn reason at the rave causing the staff to block the hall way until paramedics cam and picked up this loser, and just to let you know I don’t know there condition or if it was serious but if you put yourself in that position you should deal with the consequences and not cause problems for everyone else…douche bag. but any way after i walked outside through the fucking heat and made my way to the panel Mecha panel I was rewarded with great info on the types of models, and how they were rated though there were people in the audience who definitely shouldn’t have been in a 101 panel but you have to deal with these type of fans when talking about Mecha I mean there the most intense fandom around period. now after this along with Gerold and Clarissa the hosts of Mecha 101 headed to the infamous Panel of DOOM!. All i can say about this panel is it is a 2 hour panel of hilarious random clips from all forms of entertainment and should not be missed if you have ever scene anime hell then you have a idea about what this panel is all about and having missed 30 minutes i still felt i was well rewarded for coming, so to all you ravers out there I hope you choke and die on the E pill your trying to swallow so they get rid of that bullshit and have more fucking panels like those i have talked about in this review.

Coming up next will be AFO In Review: Day 3 + the Dealers room round up. This will be the shortest Review of all. After this last review I will begin my Artist Alley Way Reviews of those I talked to and liked there artwork then after those it will be time to move on from cons and onto something I have promised for along while my Tee Morris Bio and Billibub baddings review so get ready see you all later…oh and FUCK YOU RAVERS!!!!!!

AFO In Review: Day 1

On the first day of Anime Festival Orlando I really didn’t have many panels I wanted to go to, in reality a lot of them were game shows, or panels dedicated to cartoons that were not anime. There were also some interviews but the only guest with an extensive background in anime was Wendee Lee, also Johnny Yong Bosch, and John Swasey two anime voice actors that I think are awesome. The other guests were more along the line of motion pictures, video game and of course power rangers.

Wendee Lee
John Swasey and Christina Vee
Johnny Yong Bosh

The First panel I went to was the cosplaying for dummies panel put on by  Matthew Diaz and Mandi Kaalstad. When I asked them a few questions after the panel and told them it was for my blog, and along with that I would be giving them and the con a review they were a bit worried that I would be trashing there panel. I thought that was funny seeing as they did a good job with there panel there  power point slides were really good though I feel they could have used for pictures and visuals on them to help ease the death by power point feel. They did how ever supplement the panels slides, and there verbal discussion with props and aids. These were wigs, pieces of costumes, material, and items used in the styling of wigs. The discussion was rather diverse though some of the topics were not discussed in much depth such as Steam punk, and furries. Though in this bloggers opinion furries could have been skipped all together. They had a friend in the audience whom they actually called up to talk about the steam punk genre of cosplaying and I thought she as a friend , and steam punk cosplayer could have easily just been on the panel and provided a well need boost to that topic. I say boost because it was obvious that the costume making and prop knowledge was Mandi’s expertice along with working with ones own real hair, not to say matthew couldn’t make props but her knowledge showed she did that more so than he just form the volume of information she spoke on. The inverse is for her not saying she cant work with wigs but Matthew new insider tricks and tips that can only come from lots of experience with wigs.  They both new a lot of the different sub genre of cosplaying but there knowledge outside of there main focus was limited. Which is why the third panelist would have been really wonderful to the over all information of the panel.

Matthew Diaz

That all aside for it was not anything bad or damaging to the panel just my own personal observations, the panel picked back up rather quickly after they got through the types of cosplay breaking down each one and showing examples of each, I wont go into that in this review because this is not a transcript of the panel though I will provide Matthew’s information and links so you can ask him yourselves. After this they moved into the props, tools, materials, and wigs. I made mention of this above but Matthew really new his stuff about wigs and did demonstation of his craft proving his advice was sound and work with out fail. Mandi’s costume pieces showed she was a skilled crafts women when it can to making very realistic armor for her cosplay costumes along with unique props for unique personally created characters. All in all I have to say this as my first con and this my first panel it was very well done and the panelist for very informed and knowledgeable about there subject. Combined the two host had well over 10 years cosplaying experience. I endorse this panel to anyone who is interested in cosplay, it was definitely worth my time to go and have it begin the con weekend.

After this I hooked up with Ashlee Miller and we did a photo shoot with Aladdin, Jafar, and Superman. Yes I know there not anime characters buy they had some of the best if not the best costumes the entire weekend very well done and they got very much into the photo shoot the women with Aladdin whose child was dressed as the red Ape ninja power ranger(adorable) was a con veteran if it will having gone to all previous AFO except for the first. I talk to her awhile hearing about how the con had begun to shift dynamics from anime con to a more general fandom con.  After this we went back in side and got ready for the opening ceremonies, Neo orlandia Act 1 and what I was looking forward to Wendee Lee’s retrospective on cowboy bebop.

Opening ceremonies was funny all the guest for introduced and the power ranger having all know each other for some time play off one another and played to the crowd and at the point Jason David Frank was introduced(he was only here for Saturday of the con) Johnny Yong Bosch except there intro bowing and hamming it up to the fan girl screams and fan boy cheers. Reuben Langden upon his introduction was immediately stopped from stripping out of his shirt and then carried around by Dan Southworth around the front blowing kisses at the girls and acting like a royal pomp before his adoring kingdom, it was rather hilarious and entertaining. The show was literally and figuratively stolen by John Swasey who stole the mic from ceremonies host Angie and preceeded to drop several Fuck’s in his promoting of his coming panel later that evening, nothing lightens the mood like a F’bomb. The ceremonies ended with the Neo Orlandia LARP(Live Action Role Play) this was well done and performed though the only male faction leader stole the show with his charisma and aussie accent. Following this was the Wendee Lee Retrospective on Cowboy bebop.

Wendee Lee was a fountain of information her experience in Anime Voice acting from not just bebop but from her days in the streamline outfit were present as she easily wowed the crowd by going through seamless transitions from her normal voice to her voluptuous and sexy character Faye Valentine, who she cutely referred to as Faye Faye.

She shared several behind the scenes stories about Bebop and the occupying movie, one even involving her getting a little risqué on stage using the voice of Faye. She also talked about her past history at coming to the con even explaining she came in a cast and had to be wheeled around during AFO 3. Truly she could have talked on for days and everyone including me would have sat there and listened to our anime loving hearts content but the bebop movie was the reason for this retrospective and thus I took my leave when she finished and the film started. Up next was the best Anime you’ve never seen hosted by none other than the AAA podcast crew Mitsugi and Chiaki.

This was the first panel hosted by people whom I knew off before the con that wasn’t a voice actor they covered there panel very well, I had a list of the anime they used for the panel but I seem to have lost it which is very sad, but good new is there panels they do are on there AAA podcast website. I do recall they had one of the segments from memories, along with a film called comedy. Those were the ones that jumped out to me because I felt they were the best of the bunch, although they did have an anime by the same man that did Elfen Leid, which I enjoyed very much so. This would be the first panel that Chiaki and Mitsugi would co-host but it would not be the last nor was it the best of the bunch. The start your own anime podcast panel was the best as for engaging information, conversation and info but I will leave that for AFO in Review: Day 2.

I did not go to the power rangers after dark sorry folks but honestly once I got here I realized that the rush and lines to see them was to long I mean I have video of the throngs of people and it was just to much to waste so much time just for an auto graph or picture, though I did get some video of Jason David Frank, and the guests were pretty cool constantly walking around the con. On Saturday I even ran into Johnny Yong Bosch at like 3:30 in the morning just walking around he even sat and talked with some con attendees which I thought was pretty laid back and cool of him.

Full crew of Anime World Order Podcast

Now to finish up Friday up AFO in Review: Day 1 I would like to talk about the last two panels of the night which were Clarissa along with Gerald of Anime World Order Podcast fame’s “Playing the Odds: Gambling Anime and Manga” Panel. This was a very well put together panel and it was obvious Clarissa had put a whole lot of time into it, her intro was very detailed with several visuals of gambling manga anthologies from Japan. Surprisingly she didn’t kill the assholes in the back who were talking during this part of her panel, much love for the tolerance Clarissa much love. Just to name a few she covered Legendary Gambler Tetsuya, Akagi, among others and of course I can’ forget the political satire, “Legend of Kouzume”. The short episodes of Kouzume allowed for them to be shown during the panel in there entirety which was definite side busting jaunt into Gambling Anime. So with the utmost adoration for the AWO Podcast crew I say please, please go check out these gambling anime and manga they are very underrated shows. This was a fun and very enjoyable panel I even drug along some friends I made at the con on Thursday who are apart of the younger and newest generation of anime fans and they totally dug the pan I was quite surprised seeing as they were vehemently against going at first, so keep doing the good work AWO crew your word and influence are being spread even if it to cure one “truth” infected anime fan at a time.

Last but not least was the gruesome anime violence panel host by Mitsugi and Chiaki, And it is exactly what it sounds like they played clips of some of the most gruesome and twisted violence through out anime going from Devilman all the way to legend of the over fiend. Also on this list was Elfen Leid, and ninja scroll two of my personal favorites. Yet again AAA podcast crew put on a good show some technical difficulties with the coding of the panel plagued them but they muscled through and came out like a blood covered spinal cord ripped free from a some unfortunate soul with scull and brain still attached. Well this ends AFO in Review: Day 1, thanks for reading.

I will be including the dealers room on either a separate review or on the last day of AFO in Review: Day 3 so thanks a lot and keep on looking out for more of my con series AFO in Review.

AFO In Review: Day 0

This will begin my Anime Festival Orlando review this is day zero to follow will be days one, two, and three, or Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have never been to an anime convention in my life this was my very first, I want to let you all know this from the jump. With that said if I say anything that seems like a generalization toward anime convention in a whole I am sorry.

The convention is held in the Wyndam Resort Orlando, this is a rather nice hotel, the grounds are utterly immaculate, and seemed designed to accommodate the “riggers” of youth, with three pools, the main of which is largest and has a bar open till midnight. The grounds also have large lagoons offering up very nice scenery from almost every building on the property. The location of the hotel is very nice being with in short walking distance of several large restaurant chains also being close to a plethora of huge amusement attractions.

Speaking of those chains the McDonalds here is rather amazing with a large two story play place with an arcade to boot. Not only is the build different from the Micky D’s we know the menu is also different offering up not only traditional entrée’s but also a variety of “finer” dining options. I must say the building boasts that it is the most unique McDonalds, and I feel it is deservingly so.

Now to keep on with the food trend of this review so far, I will turn back to the hotel and talk about it’s two restaurants on the premises. The first is Augustine’s it, looks and feels like a sit down restaurant, it even offers up a breakfast buffet with fresh made eggs to order, and omelets with topics to die for. I stuck with ham, jalapeños, bacon, and my cheeses were asiago, feta, and pepper jack  throw on some hot sauce and your talking a “built to last” meal that is your one way ticket to itus-ville, were sleep and lethargy come standard issue. Now on to the Bar and grill by the main pool, this is a themed place called Gatorville, looking like some tropical island party down to straw thatched roof and wicker chairs. I part took of a sandwich known as the….damn I forgot but it was filled with, roasted pork, ham, pepper jack cheese, whole grain mustard on Cuban bread grilled on a panini press to perfection. Top this with some fresh fries seasoned with fresh cracked pepper and salt you are again entering itus-ville. I chose to wash this down with one each of the two local brews available 1) Orlando organic Red Ale, 2) Orlando Organic Pale Ale. The Red was by far superior to the pale Ale to be honest  the pale ale was not at all flavorful while the red was robust and a bit sweet. There is no lack of good food nor good service at any of these places, so take your pick and enjoy.

With all that jazz out of the way it is time to get down to what your all here for AFO 2011 in review: Day 0. After checking into my hotel room on Thursday, I of course began to wonder around the ground and see what there was to see, people at this point which was about 2-2:30 were already in costume for the con(go figure right) even though it didn’t officially kick off until Friday. The vibe I was getting at first was very tense like that of an approaching storm so I was very tentative to talk to people, or try to net work, seeing as I am very new to this whole blogging thing, and have yet to finish a single writing work though many are near to being finished. This feeling would be summarily crushed a destroyed by some very nice friendly people whom after I wondered about I met in the line for pre registration. I will have pictures of these guys through out this blog and the other posts in this series to include panel reviews and cosplay, because they did both host a couple panels and cosplay. This group fun seeking anime fans left the line head of me and went to the pool I was still waiting on my badge. It only took about an hour and some change, the line would have been done much, much faster if the people in it had read the fucking rules about what is needed for pre registration, it was nothing major, your ticket, photo ID, room key or hotel receipt, but once I was done I went, changed and hit the pool. We had a very good time I am a very shy person at first so having these guys warm up to me so easily was awesome, I even turned a chick on with my verbose anime knowledge and talk about curtain stuff one of which was Kazuo Koike, another was the 1986 transformers movie, though I am pretty sure it was mostly mentioning Kazuo Koike and if you haven’t read his work do so and you will know why. Oh and I must not forget Sean he was another person I met inline who was awesome and we kept running into one another all over the place so I can’t for get him.

Now whilst at the pool some random guys showed up with some turn tables and music and the party really got started, and I got to say it was a blast and after this wet and wild high jinks we headed to out respective rooms at about three in the morning to prepare for Day 1 of Anime Festival Orlando. Upon returning to my room I saw my phone had exploded with text messages most surprising was from cosplay photographer Ashlee Miller, her and her friends were late getting in so they didn’t get to enjoy Day 0 as the rest of us had and I was sad for them up until I passed out in my bed lucky enough to have set my alarm.

So ladies and gentlemen that is AFO in review: day 0, I have already got Day 1 written just need some edits and the corresponding pictures and it will be posted shortly thanks for stepping into the Big Bear’s Den

Detroit Metal City

I haven’t reviewed any anime on this blog yet so I thought I would kick my anime reviews on in style. That style will be that of hard rocking Metal Band Detroit Metal City.

If you have watched Cartoon Networks Metalocalypse then you will have a small idea of what this show is like, though I say small because DMC is so fucking intense that deathclock would get bent over and turning into bitch pigs like the rest of the shit bands that have stepped before them.

DMC does not start with its front man Krauser the 2nd, but there manager who is only referred to as such. She is a blonded headed, F-Bomb dropping, cigarette smoking, whiskey swilling metal head whose lower regions only get wet with orgasmic pleasure from the most metal of metal. That is right DMC can make the hardest metal heads crotch soaked and there manager openly lets them know of her crotches wetness.

Next up you have the bands DMW drummer Camus, Kid and Play could never even imagine having a box hair cut like his. Camus is man with no fear he played his thundering drums through a fire ranging around him and when not performing with DMC he loves food, and describing in detail how a women needs to eat a wiener.

Jagi is the bassist and pretty boy of the band and don’t his girl loving civilian persona fool you once he is in mind and body for DMC he reaches into the fieriest pits of hell and spews forth ranging flames that burned down the concert hall of a rival band.

Before we get to the man course of DMC we will take a look at a often over looked member of the band the bitch pig of capitalism.

There is not much to say here his name says it all he is the bondage bitch of DMC front man Krauser the 2nd. You may be thinking what does this entail well you get all the spankings and rape form the demon king you can handle and the adoration of millions of DMC’s loyal fans

Now last but definitely not least is the man himself Krauser the 2nd front man and lead guitarist of DMC. He is the self proclaimed(and many if not all his fans agree) Demon King. Who killed his mother and father then raped there bodies, risen from hell to cause chaos and mayhem. This rocker also doesn’t forget the music and says that with out metal he would have been just another mass murderer. That is just how Krauser the 2nd is….METAL.

Now that I have given you a run down of the characters that will change your opinion of Japanese Metal i will give you a rundown of the plot of Detroit Metal City. The anime’s main character is Negashi a boy from a little country village with dreams of becoming the lead singer pop band. In pursuit of this dream he moves to tokyo for school. The anime doesn’t go into the why or how he ends up in DMC but that he does and does not like. The story is more or less about how the life of being in DMC and as Krauser the 2nd ruins Negashi’s attempts at a normal life. He does not how ever help his case by dressing up as krauser and giving way to the desire to be him. I personally say he is just schizophrenic but what ever.

Another continual concept through out this anime is the managers pursuit of making Negashi live the life style of metal band front man. As it may sound this leads to some very metal high jinx. I wont give examples of the plot devices all I will say is go get this anime. It hasn’t been licensed yet in the US but we can all hope, to find this anime go on you tube and search for it or if you par take of bit torrents there are I am certain many torrents of this show. The effort you put into this is well worth it this anime is well, metal. GO TO DMC!!!!!

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MPD Psycho

I first heard about this Manga through the Anime World Order podcast, then I well, paid no mind because I thought it sounded cool but that I would never find it anywhere. Man was I horribly wrong shortly there after was scoping out the Manga section at Books-A-Million and what was in the Adult Manga section just under the Akira manga Volumes MPD Psycho. Sadly it was only Volume 1 but I picked it up and read it that night and was blown away.

This is a very very dark psychological thriller, the main character is a homicide investigator/Profiler going after a very bizarre serial killer, things happen and he ends up in jail though he gets and begins his second stent with the police force.

From the picture above I am sure you can tell this isn’t for the weak/meek of heart when I say things are bizzare they truly are. I sadly have to stop the review of the manga here because I am having trouble getting the rest of this series. It is put out through Dark Horse and there website is out of curtain volumes of the manga and amazon proves that they really should try to regulate price gouging but that is a gripe for another day.

The writer of MPD Psycho, Eiji Ōtsukan also writes The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service another great manga he has also worked along side illustrator Sho-u Tajima on Madara a manga that has never been brought over to the states. The connection between these two is evident with the work done in MPD Psycho.

I will try my hardest to do more on this manga as it becomes available to me, and no I will not torrent this unless it becomes unavailable here in the states because this is a work that should be bought and supported so we get more awesome like this here in the states. So go and check out MPD Psycho its well worth the read folks. *Big Bear roars in vigorous support and crawls back in to his cave until next time*

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Xam’d: Lost Memories

In my never ending quest for finding things to watch on Netflix, or to purchase with my extra cash when I have it. I came across an anime on streaming called Xam’d: Lost Memories, and ignored it. Yeah I added to my insta queue but I just piled it on with the millions of other things I have to watch. Some time went by and me and the better half decided to check it out.

This show is a 26 episode show that is scifi alternate earth mecha show. This is one of the first mecha shows I have watched that combines the bio-mech(I like my new fangled word), ya know the evangelion style mecha with more traditional mecha suits utilized in the shows military forces. The bases for this show is rather complex in a very confusing way being almost done with the show I still don’t know what a Xam’d really is(reminds me of Raxephon). The plot is this guy gets infected in terrorist attack becomes Xam’d and has to leave home, trouble then ensues. I say this plot is confusing because of all the sub-plotting that is going on mixed with character back story but its not all of the characters just one of the heroines in the show. A very enigmatic cast of characters are introduced and summarily ignored, very annoying and a huge fault of the shows.

One of the stand out factors of the this show though is the non mecha technology. The thing that I like the most were the fighter craft pictured above and the airships also above. These craft use some sort of propulsion system that is not explain out right. The fighters are piloted like regular craft except they ascend in one motion from from shot of the propellent . The airships how ever are piloted like submarines(two helmsmen) and move just as verbosely though they show some speed when going straight forward.

Another issue with this show is the pacing, man are there episodes with noting going on but talking, jeez. Now when there is action it is pretty damn good, the first couple episodes boast some of the best with a special Xam’d fight an enemy called the human form weapons and its pretty damn good very good fluid animation very similar to the naruto fight animation.

I feel if you don’t mind a lot of talking and sub-plotting, along with a few gems scattered about to try and keep you into the show then this is right up your alley. Though I can not indorse buy this show Netflix is the way to go on this one. The show isn’t horrible just average more or less. Well Big Bear is out of here go watch some anime or a horror movie or something, hey read a book but get out of my cave.

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