OH Canad- wait….?

Yeah This guy was out and about for bit traveling the world, seeing the sights, drinking beer and eating heart warming poutine. I was in the great white north…..again(fucking alaska) but this time it was Acton, Ontario Canada to rub elbows and cupcakes with FlashPulp‘s own Skinner Co Execs and Jr. Execs. I had a blast we recorded some podcasts and those are both live a running free as well as just enjoyed one another’s company. I can’t wait to go back it was a blast. Yes there are pictures but you gets none… lol ok so you get a few they will come in another post as I don’t have the thumb stick with them on me as I am supposed to be on the road back home but a pit stop at the farm for a couple days is always a good thing. Jrd, Opop, JMay, were wonderful hosts who spent way to fucking much money on me and thus next years balticon they will get ten fold in meat i swear it.

There isn’t much difference between the two countries how ever other than the fact Canadians 1) Can’t not drive 2) are super nice about everything. Other than those two fact there basically the same. All in all in the a fun trip and its been way to fucking long since i been up north and i will definitely try to make this a yearly thing if i can because we went to a Halloween themed amusement park(Jrd stamped it when he decided we need fast lane passes for this thing.) The rollercoasters were fucking insane leviathan my hat is off to you good mechanical beast. JMay you are going in every haunted house we can find by the way next time. We also will try to make it a two day affair next time so we ca get in some of the awesome Halloween shows and events planned.

Well if you want to hear more please stop by FlashPulp for there Flash Cast Minisode featuring Me and Protector of Regina, Throat Punch Janelle. Also you can stop by Talk Nerdy 2 Me or TN2M Facebook Page and hear us go on about horror movies and how Canada invaded my podcast lol. so until next time from the Den Big Bear is out and on the road…again?(yeesh I am out of practice)


5 to go until 100 bits of content

Me PhotoMan, to think I am almost at 100 posts. I didn’t think I did that much on here but 2 years will pile up on you. I have had a wonderful weekend of podcasting, canning, conversation and company. Its been good. So here I am dropping a blog to boost my numbers and get closer to that 100 posts mark.

I am here at the farm, now and the quiet is lovely.  So what to talk about hmmm I figure since I am not prepaired the upcoming blog posts should do. let’s see:

1) 10 Things list coming your way

2) Things Men should know part 4 I think lol

3) Some reviews Movies, Comics, and Tv Shows

4) More Podcasts, I have tons of those so keep and eye out

Speaking of the podcast I am thinking about combining this blog and the podcast as content sometimes and often does over lap and I want to get a wider audience for them both and was thinking combining them would help that though i don’t know. but any way I figure this is enough for now but I would love to hear your thought on combining my two babies or what subjects you guys would like to see me blog or podcast about so contact me here or on FB or by Email: TalkNerdy2MePodcast@Gmail.com. Also comment on the podcast if you have listened with suggestions, criticisms, or what ever fills your mind. And Me and Jen will be glad to address them. Thank you and see later from the den.

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2013: Resolutions and Recaps

IMG_8525Wow, how does time fly? You feel like you have a grasp on things. You feel like you can keep a head of the curve and cruise on through, then bang, Life happens. It’s something we all have felt and experienced through out years on this ball of noble gases, elements, and critters. 2012 was no exception to this. I continued this very blog, started a podcast, and kept up the writing. I attended 3 conventions and met so many new people, got diagnosed with diabetes. Just in the nick of time for the divines only know what could have happened it I had of kept going the way I was. A perspective on life I couldn’t get any more focused and life teaches this ol’bear one more thing.

Now we are in 2013 and a time of rejuvenation has begun, rebirth, new things are begun, old habits will die hard. An all in all we will struggle until the next stage in out lives begin, that is life. An expanding tome started at our first screaming glimpse into the light of our first day til the fading light of our last. Grimm huh? not really because all that life in the middle is what you want the meat of your story, all those characters, all those action scenes and twist and subplots. This is why I made the 3 resolutions I made this year as the year of the snake was born writhing along the stoke of midnight.


  • I will get in shape, build my body back up to what it was, and be healthier.


This was not only for my sake but for my Nephews and nieces sake. he told me something at my mothers funeral that shook me and I will never forget his words, I may put them from the forefront of my mind but they are never gone. A midst all tears shed by friends and family, and oppressing grief. My 11 year old nephews says to me and my aunts as he looked at those expressing their sorrow and says’,

“If Uncle Jason wasn’t here, or if he was out of control and crying. I don’t think I could handle this.”

This was probably the one thing said to me that hole day as I laid my mother to rest, that really felt like something. Nothing against those who came to me in my time of need, but this child, gave me something I thought I would never know or understand. What being a father, or in this case a father figure is all about, and I owe him and his sisters and brothers to be strong, healthy and the gnarliest uncle this side Gary Busey in Silver Bullet.


  • To be better with money. Saving, spending, just the whole bit.
  • To go back to school and finish what I started almost a decade ago.


Money, everyone says but hey who doesn’t want more money? As we all money it takes money to make money, and the last. Well its school and knowledge is power to date myself with a Schoolhouse rock quote. Also I have fucking losing and not making through college in my youth as I should have hurt me, and hurt those who believed in me. I am a little late on the resolve and maturity thing but its never to late to learn from your mistakes. that is what a New Year is all about growth, rebirth, and new beginnings. So let’s all do this thing right shall we and so 2013 it’s just another chapter in a very, very long harrowing story.

Time With Friends, and Nostalgia

I think this will be a short blog post as I have churned out 2 podcast episodes this week and don’t think I have much to talk about right now lol hehe. This weekend I took a trip to Roanoke my home town. I had a doctors appoint which was dreadful as all doc appointments are. Yet some good came from this, I got a hold of an old friend of mine from high school Mike Lee and we hung out that evening after my appoint and had dinner. It was like nothing had changed in the 10 years since we graduated, it was awesome. Also I met his friend Alex and mike’s roommate whose name escapes me. Sorry Mike if you read this put comment with his name lol. I have to say this one probably once of thee most relaxing things i have done in along while and can’t wait to do it again.

I honestly didn’t know if I could have fun with Mike again. Not anything he did or I did but 10 years is along time to not see someone and to so easily fall back in to the swing of things was just fun and amazing. Makes me rethink about going to my high school reunion…not really. So readers, Big Bear has some advice if an old friend wants to hang out give it a shot don’t worry about time apart or how much either of you has changed because it  the friendship is true it will all come back into place without so much as thinking about skipping a beat. Well I am out of here and hope you all have a great holiday, eat some of those sweet potato pies for me and Big Bear will see you again next time I spout something out of this Den o’mine.

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Football and Things

So this past weekend was probably the best weekend I have had in a long, long while. I say this because I got to go to my first NFL game. It was My Dallas Cowboys v. The Carolina Panthers, and on top of all that My Boys Won hehehe. I was joined by two of my coworkers Allan and his son Walt, who are panthers fans and ther cousin my brother in arms as a cowboys fan Jake.  The experience of a real game was so fun, so exciting that I will always feel like I am missing something when I watch it on TV.


It was so cool to be able to look and see the guys you love to see compete in real life, I mean I wasn’t field level or anything but even sitting where I was I could make out everything nothing was missed. I even got a picture with two of the carolina panthers cheerleaders, and yes there the opposing teams cheerleaders but cheerleaders transend team bounderies…oh yes indeed they do. So if you ever have the chance to go and see a real NFL game even if it’s not your team it’s well worth it and tickets weren’t that expensive $175, nothing to break the bank.

Onto other news my feline army has grown by one, I don’t have any pictures of her yet but, our new 4 week old calico kitten has taken up well with the rest of the troops. so if anyone had any name suggestions please let me know with a comment or email lol.

I love being back in especially this time of year. Nothing beats fall in the Appalachian mountains, nothing. When I stationed in Alaska, I woke up everyday in the winter to snow capped mountains but it still didn’t hold a candle to the fiery earthen colors of a fall in Virginia. I have found much comfort in my surrounding since my last few trips to the doctor, which were not enjoyable affairs. to say the least. All in all how ever I have hada wonderful last few days and hope things continue in this direction. I guess that is enough of me going on about random things. This is Big Bear signing off from the mouth of his cave under the falling leaves in the cool breeze sporting his Dallas Cowboys jersey.


Update: crazy self induced schedule

So I have been a busy lil bear, though i have let curtain things slack…namely my blog. I am getting back onto my content wagon so thank all of you for being so patient. what have i been doing you ask? well let me tell you lol.

first I have been podcasting Talk Nerdy 2 Me, is going strong at 8 episodes I have my cohost Amber and 3 guest hosts James(Face), Jen( The AK Tundra Baby), and Ish(The Wrastla!). these guys are great and help me keep things interesting.

Secondly I have been writing and editing like a mad mad. I have been editing my fantasy novel for my Online writing group at kelly armstrong’s forums. that is going at a good clip about 5 chapters in of 20 when i reach the end of it all I can start on new material for it. Since I am long winded I have figured with some sort of immoral mathematics that it will cap out at around 120-150k. new fictions consists of 2 things 1) a Erotic Romance story I was challenged to write by a friend whom love 50 shades of grey and i make fun of them for it so i have to now put up or shut up lol. I am happy to say I am done with the story part, I am just stuck on the sex part…who would have thought my vulgar ass would have trouble with sex huh? 2) I wrote a horror short and will have it up for friday flash this week.

So that is what I have been doing an now the things I have fallen down on are my blog and my short fiction. the horror and roman shorts are the first new short stuff i have worked on in months and as you probably already know my blog hasn’t had much new content in some months as well. for both of tose I am sorry and I promise I am not going to allow that to happen again. I have just posted the first of 4 new blog posts, I have rough outlines for some more flash fic, and even have the next 2 episodes of my podcast outlined. and with that below will be a list of things to look out for from Big Bear and company.

1) To Honor Love – erotic romance short(yes once edited i wil post it)
2) Scott Sigler GFL Podcast with Jen
3) Phoenix rising, and Janus Affair Podcast with Jen
4) Feed Me – horror Shoret for Friday flash
5) video game podcast with face and Jen – MoP, Boarderlands 2, and Darksiders 1 & 2
6) Bleeding Ink Babes interview(depending on if i can get them all at once or one at a time will determine if that is a 3 parter or 1)
7) Colin barnes interview
8) My first attempt at podcast fiction – King of the Blues
9) Feline army 3 part blog series
10) 10+ authors/peeps you should meet…twice! blog post

well I am done here keep and eye out for my coming content, and please enjoy your trips to my den and listen to those Talk Nerdy 2 Me Radio broadcasts echoing off the dens damp walls and let me know what you think on twitter or with emails and comments. also if you listen to the cast leave a review on Itunes we love them honest. so until next time.

10+ Authors/Peeps You Should Meet…Twice!

This list is not in any order as these folks are just to awesome to put into a sequence. If you have the chance the meet any if these guys jump at the chance you won’t be disappointed.

Scott Sigler

One of the most real and down to earth people I have met. His lovelorn is fans and dedication to them as well as the craft of writing is since amazing. Though his love of Tuaca the taint sweat of the roman legion is still simply odd.

Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine

This dynamic duo if awesome are well, just awesome. Treating there fans like family I have met and hung with them multiple times now and each time they blow me away. Tee is a legend in the podcasting world and his lovely kiwi wife writes like a cunning dervish and I don’t know who can output more stories than she. This team through a haze of cigars, good beer, and even better scotch are paving a path not many will ever match.

Mur Lafferty

Probably the busiest women in podcasting. Her I Should Be Writing Podcast is the highest mark a podcast should be strive to. Her fiction is truly unique just as she is and inspires just as her advice does to us wanna be fiction writers.

P.G. Holyfield

The man never with out a hat. I have met him twice now and he is still just as genuine and fun each time. His personality is ever present in his fiction which is another reason to meet him. I cant think of any reason to not seek him out at a con or bound in the flesh of dead trees.

Starla Hutchton

Probably the toughest lady in podcast. Sadly I didn’t get to see her much at dragon con though that is dragon con. Our first meeting at balticon was amazing and any lady who handles her cookie flavored vodka like that should be respected lol. She also is a word smith creating unique fiction that is a joy to behold.

Donna Mugavero

A force of nature this lovely lady is. So much fun and so down to earth you can not help but smile when she is around. Also some how she keep George Hrab reigned in….some what.

George Hrab

The man who sings for SCIENCE!!!!! His music is just a scratching of the surface that is probably one of the most creative and sharply dressed people outside of Doc Coleman. Catching one of his fantastic performances is a must.

Jason Narvy

Not only is he a fellow Jason, but he was apart of my childhood being on mighty morphing power rangers as the funny high pitched half of bulk and skull. This how ever is not even a fraction of this hilarious classically trained actor. With his doctorate in tow he teaches in Chicago and I can only envy his students.

Sunny Strait

What can I say about the voice of Dragon Ball Z’s Krillin. He can draw, does web comics and even work on some traditional comic properties, and won’t shy from anime con pool party. Sunny is side splittingly funny so if he is coming to a con near you, you should be there waiting.

Dan Southworth

Another figure of so many childhoods as the red quantum ranger. Yet as other rangers e so much more making a name for himself in hollywood as a stuntman, motion capture man, and fight choreographer for countless films. He is only outshines by the fact he loves his fans and can be found amongst them at a pool party just as easily as he can be found in his web series divergence kicking serious ass.

Windi Lee

A monolith in voice acting. With well over 200 roles she is a great example for girls and women alike for her dedication and professionalism. See also took my con cherry at anime festival Orlando 2011. She was such a joy to talk to, a must meet and any con she attends

Kyle Hubbert

The voice of Kamina from Gurren Lagann. What can you say about the man behind the most manly man in the world of anime. He is approachable and hilarious to boot and made my second anime festival Orlando remarkable.

Richard Epcar

The most recognizable in anime as Batou of ghost in the shell. He also runs a hilarious out takes panel from some of his other anime roles. Also i grew up with him on daytime soaps…what!? There was only one tv in my house. But what blew me away was when I asked him for a bumper for my podcast he was willing to do an interview and I didn’t even ask a definitely awesome guy.

Cinda Williams Chima

Author of the Heir series and 7 worlds series. Yet with all this she is so down to earth and humble about her success. She was awesome to meet and talk to such a great experience.

Balitcon 46–Part 3

I am not going to tag the pic or label them or what every cause there is just way to many Nutty Nuchtchas out did her self. I mean these things are fantastic. As if par for the course you can find Nutty on a few podcasts Nutty Bites and Beyond The Wall(a podcast about game of thrones) so enjoy the shots I know I did also if you wanna see more of them she has like damn near 300 pics on her facebook page. Also a very few are pics of mine from my iphone those are mainly the Erotica Ala Carte Iron Chef getting pics for this without having them be ummmm….well yeah was a bit hard but hey if a Rumba can rise to the challenge so can Big Bear.


Eagle Ridge Farm

Sometimes it takes a bit of reverie for you to realize just how wonderful some places are. For me the most wondrous place is Eagle Ridge Farm, owned and run by my mom and dad Jay and Arlene Wright.

This is my place of peace I know I have talked about it some on here before but It never ceases to amaze me just how much a visit out there seems to revitalize me.

I try to help out as much as I can when I go down with the animals(cows, chickens, horse etc), or the farm itself whether its fencing, equipment, mucking the chicken coup, or just making sure no cattle decided to go for a walk down the road.

Yeah I know its hard work, but its hard work done with your hands. This type of hard work is therapeutic in a very down to earth, simple sorta way, for me that is. I know most people younger or of my generation who have never lived this sort of way don’t get what I am saying. Just think how gratified you are when you accomplish some grievous task. Now take that feeling of accomplishment and put it to something that helps your family, and the animals you think of as children. Big beautiful, several hundred if not thousand pound children lol and you will get a sense of how this type of work is for me.

This time up I didn’t in in time to help with the fencing but I did get to help with a horse/cattle trailer that needed its floor replaced. It was easy going until we got to a few select board that weren’t nailed or slid in but screwed in. Needless to say after a grand expanse of cursing, soda/water breaks and some crowbar use later we got them up and out.

To our relief the frame work and axles of the tiler were just fine, though they did need a bit of washing. Just some advice a pressure washer is invaluable for farm/home equipment let me tell you.

The animals also come to watch and give there varied advice. Though the most openly out spoken of the bunch are the gobblers. Yes Gobblers a.k.a BIG FREAKING TURKEYS.

These loveable and delicious fowls convene in the evening about the porch to let us know of how are days work went and what hey expected of us. I don’t think I have to tell you howvaluable there opinions where to us lol.

There where other audience member as well through out the day though they are the security. And I hope you realize that on a far of this size(300 acres) that only 3 Great Pyrenees led by mister Sam will do.

To this big, white, fluffy, cuddly trio’s credit they have killed dear, found the remains of a bear though no confirmation if they killed the transgressor, though they did chase a mother and two cubs off the property late last year so they do not fear the common black bear of the Appalachian Mountains.

So if your ever around a farm and see some big white fluffy beasties roaming about the tree line, don’t mistake them for sheep, because these guys could use sheep for a snack lol. Though in all honesty they are severe lil push overs. Some belly rubbing and dog treats and they love you.

Lastly on our way home we stopped to feed the oldest members of the farm Raven and Candycane. These steadfast, picturesk gaurdians of man’s bonding with his environment and the nature about him couldnt have cared less about the trailer or are sweat filled work. All they wanted was the bag of apples we try to bring with us for them.

what you don’t believe me? You try leaving a spoiled horse with out some kinda treat. Don’t worry I’ll wait.

With our way bared we simply had to placate the wonderfully spoiled Candycane with apples, and nose scratches whilst we fended off Raven the shadowmare from range with well tossed or rolled apples.

Once this was done we still needed there permission to leave. And after Candycane’s well honed noses inspection we were off. Another trip to the farm done.

And as always it was time well spent, amongst family, those we love, and or are in service to lol. Whether it is for food, home repair, or the simple nose scratch.

Secret World of Arrietty

It is a well known fact that I am a huge Anime fan, so the fact that it took me so long to get down to writing this review. This most anticipated movie is as you probably guessed the new Hayao Miyazaki film Secret World of Arriety. This film is based on the novel “The Borrowers” by Mary Norton.

This film was aesthetically marvelous as all Studio Ghibli films are. The animation is never questioned when Miyazaki, Takahata, or studio Ghibli is involved. The real gem of this film is the story itself not a very happy one by any stretch of the imagination when compared to other Miyazaki films like Ponyo, Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivary Service yet nothing as intense as Takahata’s Grave of the Fireflies. In a nutshell to try and be as spoiler free as possible, the story is about a boy sent to his mothers childhood home because he is ill and will soon have surgery. One at this childhood home events unfold to take him on a journey of young love, conflict, lose, and growth.

To my friends with children or my guys with girlfriends I have recommended this movie highly because of the brilliant portrait painted of the two main characters separate family lives, the deep emotional connection and innocent relationship nurtured between them. To be a bit crass this movie will get the hunting male some secure footing for his endeavors, and the family man will have the kids attention sowed up and a fun romp for him and the Mizz.

To finish this movie was warm heart wrenching experience for me and I put this movie right along side Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away. A must go see if at all possible and a definite Blu-ray purchase when it hits shelves. I hope you all enjoyed Big Bear’s choice of film and will heed my advice and pick up Arrietty so until next time

*lumbers into his den a haughty stride in his step if such a thing is possible for a bear*