OH Canad- wait….?

Yeah This guy was out and about for bit traveling the world, seeing the sights, drinking beer and eating heart warming poutine. I was in the great white north…..again(fucking alaska) but this time it was Acton, Ontario Canada to rub elbows and cupcakes with FlashPulp‘s own Skinner Co Execs and Jr. Execs. I had a blast we recorded some podcasts and those are both live a running free as well as just enjoyed one another’s company. I can’t wait to go back it was a blast. Yes there are pictures but you gets none… lol ok so you get a few they will come in another post as I don’t have the thumb stick with them on me as I am supposed to be on the road back home but a pit stop at the farm for a couple days is always a good thing. Jrd, Opop, JMay, were wonderful hosts who spent way to fucking much money on me and thus next years balticon they will get ten fold in meat i swear it.

There isn’t much difference between the two countries how ever other than the fact Canadians 1) Can’t not drive 2) are super nice about everything. Other than those two fact there basically the same. All in all in the a fun trip and its been way to fucking long since i been up north and i will definitely try to make this a yearly thing if i can because we went to a Halloween themed amusement park(Jrd stamped it when he decided we need fast lane passes for this thing.) The rollercoasters were fucking insane leviathan my hat is off to you good mechanical beast. JMay you are going in every haunted house we can find by the way next time. We also will try to make it a two day affair next time so we ca get in some of the awesome Halloween shows and events planned.

Well if you want to hear more please stop by FlashPulp for there Flash Cast Minisode featuring Me and Protector of Regina, Throat Punch Janelle. Also you can stop by Talk Nerdy 2 Me or TN2M Facebook Page and hear us go on about horror movies and how Canada invaded my podcast lol. so until next time from the Den Big Bear is out and on the road…again?(yeesh I am out of practice)


Anime in Hollywood…

With the release of the fantastic film Pacific Rim(Which everyone should see) I am reminded of just how much anime(Japanese Cartoons) have influenced Hollywood and Tv. This is news to alot of people and alot of them call shenanigans on my claim, this is fine because everyone has there freedom to feel that way but I am here today in the Den to posture alittle bit so “Bear” with me.

I am a huge nerd we all know this and take it as fact lol(most do anyway) and this means I watch things from Doctor Who to Warehouse 13 back to X-Files and Star Trek: Next Generation ending with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons. So shows like FireFly are loved by me and so many others yet when I brought up the fact that the scene in the beginning of the series when Dr. Simon Tam’s sister River is awakened coiled up in a briefcase the first thing out of my mouth was holy shit its Outlaw Star.


Melfina awoken in Outlaw Star

I am not saying this is a bad thing at all but but on the contrary is a great homage to Whedon’s love of anime. Yet alot of fans of the show call it a qawinky dink. Well huh.

Another movies that had my anime senses tingling was The Chronicle. I n my opinion its the closest we will probably ever get to an Akira movie. What is Akira you ask? Well it’s a SciFi action film from the 1988 directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, written by Otomo and Izo Hashimoto and is thought to be one of the most beautiful and influential feature length Anime to this day. It’s about a kid who gets psychic powers and as we power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The kid turns totally bag and ends up going against his friends, the government and himself. the story parts are very similar but the two key things that connected The Chronicle and Akira in my mind was the speech in chronicle about natural selection and apex predators and the visuals during the hospital break out and fight were the man character in chronicle has his head bandaged, along with his arm and leg and looks almost identical to Tetsuo in Akira during his hospital scenes. also the fight during the climax shown in the trailer has alot of similarities between the Tetsuo v Military fight in Akira.














I have simply talked about a tv show that has gained massive love from a its massive fanbase and a major motion picture that hit thousands of screens world wide. So to finish up and back track both at the same time I want to come back to Pacific Rim, or as alot of my friends call it G Gundam meets Godzilla. Gundam and Godzilla are probably the two most recognizable franchises to come out of Japan. The Godzilla connection in Pacific Rim is right in front of you as soon as you see the trailer giant monsters known as Kaiju. When you watch the film these creature designs are all based on Earth based critters, like the gorilla-esk monster fought by the main characters in there robot Gypsy Danger, or the crab like kaiju in a key flashback scene. Now the thing that brought the butts to the seats was giant robots and these things are awesome, and there connection to anime in this humble Bear’s opinion is more based in the work of Go Nagai. the Key and point being the Rocket Punch shown in the trailers along with the chest missiles used in the film and the chest blast which is very similar to Getter Robo’s Getter Beam. Where as the crews of each robot are definitely of the G Gundam-esk stereotypes ie cocky Americans, tough stern no fun Russians(with crazy 80’s hair), the lightening fast kunfu using Chinese team, and the cowboy like Australians.

Mazinger Rocket Punch

Mazinger Rocket Punch

Gypsy Danger Rocket Punch

Gypsy Danger Rocket Punch












The moral of this post in the nutshell is basically to say there is nothing wrong with liking anime or giving it its proper due, Hollywood does, even though they may not scream it from the mountain tops. The influences are all throughout our favorite tv shows, games, movies you name it. So when some nerdy lil otaku like me says hey man there is this Japanese cartoon with stuff just like that or identical too, why not check it out you could be pleasantly surprised.

Well this Bear is signing out sorry for the super long post, but some times a guy just has to go hey look! SEE! I told you man! and let that be that lol. Anyway hope I didn’t bore you with my gibber jabber and just maybe you came away with a new outlook on anime and how it can show up when you lease expect it. so until next time.

10 Podcasts You Should Hear…TWICE!!

I am an avid podcast listener, and as a young fledgling podcaster myself I eager take in all the good and bad that I hear. So this list will be the most helpful and best podcasts in the bunch. I will not rank them nor will I say there aren’t better out there but I decided to choose 10 and I am sticking to it. So if I listen to you, and your not here I am sorry just the constraints I put upon myself nothing against you and don’t worry there maybe a second list(of course there will be lol I just can’t help myself). So here it is 10 podcasts you should hear, TWICE!!

The first podcast I ever downloaded and listened to and still do to this day religiously:

I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty


This is a podcast for wanna be fiction writers by a up and coming if not already there fiction writer. Mur Lafferty has opened herself up to her fans and friends alike letting us in on her writing ups, down, rises and falls. She also has openly and candidly talked about her own issues ranging from social anxieties to fighting depression and all the while she is dishing out advice and raising a young one and loving a husband. She is one of the strongest and smartest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet though sadly I totally fanboy’d all over the moment and will have to make up for that hopefully with this years Balticon(fingers crossed)

The Round Table Podcast



This author interview and literary workshop podcast, hosted by the literary alchemists themselves Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey is marvelous to hear. These guys interview a fellow author one episode then the next they being them back and maybe even a fourth host of mystery and then workshop an authors story right on air. I have learned so much about so many people and about spit balling ideas and building a story this is a great podcast to listen to and learn from.

The Shared Desk


The newest podcast outing from godfather of podcasting himself Tee Morris and his lovely wife Pip Ballentine Morris. What can I say about this podcast on writing, social media, marketing, and even bits of there personal life along with their solo and tandem careers. Other than its awesome and when you hear it great things will be shared with you, along with copious drop in awesome from the TeeMonster himself 😛

The Shrinking Man Project


This is a powerful podcast were one man talks very candidly and openly about his struggles and successes with loosing weight and being healthier. That man is Doc Coleman whom I have met and wish I could dress half as dapperly as this man. As someone who has recently had to start being healthier and watching my weight and what I eat and so forth the listen to this podcast and hear about what he goes through and the advice he has and motivations he yields is utterly amazing and a fantastic listen for anyone to learn from.

We Hate Hate Movies

We Hate Movies

A movie review podcast hosted by Andrew Jupin, Chris Cabin, Steve Sajdak, and Eric Szyszka is down right hilarious. They watch movies 10 years old or older and in a comedic way talk about them. Simple right? Right simple and its effective comedy gold.

Yeah It’s That Bad


A shrouded in as much mystery as it is in a massive fart cloud of running gags, in jokes, and bouts of uncontrollable laughter. These three unknown hosts(and they like it that way) are Kevin, Joel, and Martin(and yes Kevin was listed first on purpose) review movies suggested by fans or on a whim they decided to watch and its a wonderful journey to embark with these three… gentleman(?)

Anime World Order


Probably one of these most untimely podcast on the internet but despite it all these three characters Clarissa, Jarold, and Daryl has one of these most knowledgable and informative anime podcast you every wanna listen to and listen you will.

Film Sack


Join Scott Johnson and his FilmSack pals, Brian Ibbot, Brian Dunaway, and Randy Jordan with powerful and spectacularly voiced Scott Flecher as narrator? as they watch films from Netflix streaming and review them just like you and your pals would then dish out some film sack approved awards to finish it up. this podcast is a fun time for all

Blame It On Outer Space


A podcast debunking conspiracy theories in a comedic way. This podcast is the brain bomb of Eric Szyszka, sadly it is only once a month but it is a funny and great way to spend some time out of your day once a month. His fellow pals form We Hate Movies has shown up a couple time but each episode he has some new and funny folk coming in or returning powered by the hot jams of DJ Krymulak this is a podcast like no other.

Fast Karate For The Gentle


This podcast is an anime podcast about food hosted by Dave and Joel to hot blooded, giant robot loving, Food(anime?) loving gents from above the mason dixon who have a good time and bring you along with them, oh and they talk about video games as well 😀


There you have it folks 10 podcasts to bless your ears with. So step back in to the bears den sometime so and I will have somethingelse to spout off to you, I promise.





Big Bear Unchained

broken-chain-1024x768So this post is probably gonna offend some people but hey it’s the Internet right?Right.

I am a person who makes jokes, I make jokes a lot. I say things that can make a lot of people uncomfortable. One of the most confusing and troubling things people find about me is I find the word Nigger funny. I should state that as a young idiot black youth I was called nigger and it made me so mad that I fought someone over it, and for that, for fighting over it I am sorry. A lot of people probably feel that is well acceptable to fight over but this grown up and far more mature version of Me. I feel that the word nigger has way to much power among we the enlightened people. This is 2012 and folks absolutely cringe as if being hit when this word is spoken. I mean young black Americans like myself, still today if called a nigger or even hear the word spoken by someone not black will flip shit as if that person just brandished a whip and white hood. I don’t get it.

Black people today use nigger as a term of greeting or endearment, “what up nigga?”, “You my nigga” like putting an “A” on the end make its for only ok for black people to say and if you anyone else it has to have “ER” at the end and be totally offensive and racist…yeah that makes sense. Comedians like Dave Chapelle, and Paul Mooney, just to name some of most notable. Have made a fortune off the word nigger. Albeit along with far more foul language in my opinion. Yet the fact remains that Dave’s Nigger Family skit was freaking funny, the Black White Supremacist floored a nation and any time Paul steps to a microphone for a stand up set you can expect to break your funny bone and nigger will be apart of the reason. That is the keys to this puzzle folks right there, laughter.

I saw Django Unchained last night and the word nigger was used in high amount…insanely high amounts or a mainstream movie hell I don’t think roots can hold a candle. Folks in the theater around me got bone stock still, you could have heard a pin drop. Yet nigger was used in funny scenes, tragic scenes, normal scenes, character building scenes I mean I don’t think there was a scene with dialogue without the word nigger or negro. That’s another step or key if you will. How else do you break the spell over one of histories most notorious words, you make people laugh at it, or feel a strong emotion while hearing it but don’t play it up. Let it happen and move on. Fears are crushed by laughter and understanding. Nigger is a word that symbolizes and is made from fear. The more it is used the less risqué and more normalized it can become. It’s just a damn word. Which is why again I am sorry for ever raising a hand in violence at that funny little word.

Here is some Big Bear homework for you choose just one or all of these 1) Go see Django Unchained, 2) watch the Chapelle show’s Nigger family and Black White Supremacist skits, 3) the South Park episode with Stan’s dad on wheel of fortune 4) watch all Paul Mooney’s stand up on Netflix. Then come back here and comment on this post. If you agree thank you for being open minded and casting the ridiculous spell at the nigger word. If you disagree  why? why in 2013 are you so afraid or offended by the word nigger? I am not saying we should use the world in everyday language but if someone calls me a nigger and in modern times it has been done, I am and have laughed right in there face. It tickles me pink when it happens because I could give two shits about that word and any connotation it has. IT’S. JUST. A. WORD.

I don’t know if your reading this and are like yeah he’s right or this nigger here is insane but either way I am gonna laugh about it I will thank you, because I am not afraid of a word. Until we can stop being afraid of the word nigger we can never move past the things symbolized with in it. So if I have offended you well…tough, I am a nigger bear after all.

Abraham Lincoln Podcast Hunter(Mega Spoilers)

Alright if you have been fallowing my Facebook exploits or noticing my random tweets then I am slowly beginning to bite the bullet and trying to get a podcast together. I think I have my co-host my friend Amber whom I have known since I was like 5 or 6. I think she will make a good partner in this endeavors because we argue like crazy lol. well I mean we agree on some things but we are different enough in what we geek out about that it could make for some interesting things to podcast about. Now the hang ups I am coming into are 1) A name and 2) subject matter, because as the Podcasting for dummies podcast and book say you should have 5 or so shows in the can just in case something happens and if your just starting out like me then its a great way to start off right(Tee Morris and Pip would be proud).

To mitigate the first problem of a name I have made a Poll on facebook HERE and would love for you all to go and vote because I am lazy and the poll does the counting of votes for me lol. Now subject matter I was thinking of all the nerdy things ya know anime, movies, comics, video games etc for review topics. Also some Author interviews weather they be Pro or self pub. Now myself I think of myself as some what of a writer and so does amber so potentially we could put out short stories or some of our fiction in the feed. I don’t know how people would like that but its just a possiblity, what do you guys think.

Now on to what everyone has been waiting on Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter….oh and by the way….



Alot people think this movie and book are just absurd, and they are SO wrong.  This movie is like a silver ax pistol with a bayonet attachment to the face(which happens).  I am going to talk about the vampire first and for most, they are what you would think vampires should be cold, calculating and snazzy dressers. Rufus Sewell pulls this off in spades let me tell you and his in movie Vampire sister enforcer played by Erin Wasson puts the sex in sexually charged sex appeal…oh god would I do horrible… well never mind that. In one of the great scenes of the movie she pins down Abraham(Benjamin Walker) with a chair and high heels…oh yeah

The action, and choreography of said action I loved it was washingtonian ax-fu, and did I mention the ax had a pistol built in? The one down fall for the combat in the film was it was alot of working in CG and I much prefer live stuntmen kicking the crap out of one another. All is forgiven when you fight a vampire in the middle of a giant stampede of horses thst involved a vampire going all British Bulldog on two horses by bulldog take downing them to trip up Lincoln’s horse. then chase one another across horse back by leap frogging them. sounds nuts? well that just the beginning because a horse is used as weapon. how do you ask the vampire throws it at Lincoln and hits him with it. all the while in the middle of a stampede.

Now to talk about some little tidbits that really were great touches. Lincoln was a giant of a man and they do a good job of portraying that with his awkward movements. Also a scene where he is riding a horse it looks as if his feet are going to drag on the ground. Another lovely touch is when they show you how the vampires can go out into the sun with a sign advertising what I call Steampunk Vampire sun screen which is mad from human blood among other things.

The vampires also have powers, invisibility, super speed, and super strength are what are shown in the movie. but the best to me is when they blend into ceiling paintings to ambush Lincoln and his free slave best friend and shop owner bud. I don’t know if  this is a power or use of vamp hypnosis but it was Sweet.

To close out if an ax/pistol with a bayonet attachment, sexy vampire lady enforcers, vampire sun screen and living horse weapons arent enough to sell this move then the boobs, and bathtub sex should. This movie has Big Bears Approval from start to finish a definite MUST GO SEE. so until next time and don’t forget to vote for my podcast name thanks a head of time.

10 Zombie Movies You Should See…Twice!(It could save your life)

AH Yeah big bear is back in action and after a fantastic interview with Sir Siglerisimo, the FDO himself, I took a rural retreat tio Eagle Ridge Farm, and now I am revitalized, renewed and ready to educate. Educate you say? In what field…Zombie survival of course. The best way to do this visual add. Which is why the 10 things you should see twice gonna be 10 zombie films that could save your life.

The Horde

Is a wonderful horror film with fast rage zombies. it truly shows how a massive group of zombies is the most dangerous. Cops, gangsters, and criminals must ban together against the undead with all they can muster giving a good example of team play.


A paramedic team tried in vain to save there latest injury when he turns in to an undead and forces them to do the opposite of there normal jobs. This movie provides very goo insight into the life one will lead when on the movie and trying to survive and locate refuge.

Devil’s Playground

A movie where the zombies are fast. agile, and don’t know the meaning of quit. this movie teaches us one very important lesson do not let in fighting, bickering, or subterfuge  infiltrate your ranks. If it does it must be dealt with quickly and with finality.

Berlin Undead

This movie was a very fun and informative watch showing just how easily one can find ways around an apartment complex to avoid the undead. also how to engineer materials to your advantage. Also this film shows how team work truly will play apart if you are stuck in such a living space with other during the undead outbreak.

Night of the Living Dead

this is a classic traduce on how to survive a zombie outbreak when out man, out gunned, and with limited supplies on hand. This also shows you how hysteria, panic, and subterfuge can break a group. Another valuable lesson is how to not be rash in your plans for escape and survival when the undead horde is at your door.

Zombies of Mass Destruction

this is a film that shows you the true diversity that ones group of survivors can randomly take and how to deal with it, without hurting your chances of survival.

The Dead

This movie is a spectacular example of how to survive in a wide open area filled with zombies, and your supplies are down to what you have on hand. this also shows you how environment can play a huge role in how you choose to take on the undead scourge. whether its escape, hold up and wait, or the offensive purge of the undead all of these are shown and explored with varying degree of success.


This movie is a lesson fused with comedic over tones to soften the harsh reality of a zombie infestation. but this movies most valuable lessons are in keeping up your confidence in face of overwhelming devastation and the desolation that can set in on one during their survival.

Perkins 14

This movie only has one real lesson to teach us but it is something we all my face at one point or another during the zombie outbreak. That is Family, who have fallen to the undead and need to be expunged. a grizzly reminder that they lost, and we have still yet to survive and try to win in face of the odds

Dead Meat

I have placed this movie on the list as not a way to learn to survive but learn what not to do. because if you go about this films way of trying to survive you wont last very long amongst the living..trust me.


Noe my fellow Zombie apocalypse survivors These are 10 films that will teach you valuable lesson on how to survive the zombie outbreak, offensive and purge. so please take heed of them and know that when the day comes I will be with you in the resistance and removal of the undead. So I will give an item for item breakdown of my zombie survival gear so until then this is big bear signing out from the den.


Project X

To finish up my silver screen double feature with Project X a movie I can only all the Hangover, Superbad, and American Pie in a steroid induced thrall of perversity, and to make it clear this is not one for the kids, hell if you a lady I don’t think it will be up your alley unless you really got a lust for boobs, pseudo lesbian imagery, and rampant drug use. with that out of the way this movie was fucking sweet.

I have to say I didn’t want to see this movie when I saw the trailers and read up on it, but as these things are sometimes to happen I was drug to it and thus was beholden to some of the funniest most over the top high jinx since Get’em to the Greek.

This movie is very simple three friends want to through a party for one of there member’s birthday. It just so happens the birthday boy’s parents are going out of town for said birthday and the trio of buddies will be home alone thus you see where this is going. Despite there low social standings in there high school the party is a success beyond all things imaginable.

I don’t really know how much i can go into with out ruining the plot and having a billion spoilers but here goes. To note there are ecstasy filled lawn ornaments, the torment of midgets in a locked oven, blow up dolls, and a bouncy house. To say this movie is ridiculous is an understate and that is to its credit.

This movie is also shot in the suddenly popular hand held Mocumentary style that has become so fashionable with Hollywood these days. The film does not suffer from unsteady camera shots or nauseating camera angles. also to its credit this movie utilizes slow motions, speedy quick cut montages to illuminate the debauchery fabulously through out this film.

So surprisingly this film is well shot from a technical standpoint albeit it will not win any Oscars nor boast writing descendant from the gods but will make you laugh, and ask yourself “what the hell just-” through out its entirety. I feel this is a movie best experienced on the big screen for what it is but would make a perfect addition to any comedy section of one’s personal film collection. So go see this before it leaves the theaters it is well worth your money which is something not many movies can say these days.


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Secret World of Arrietty

It is a well known fact that I am a huge Anime fan, so the fact that it took me so long to get down to writing this review. This most anticipated movie is as you probably guessed the new Hayao Miyazaki film Secret World of Arriety. This film is based on the novel “The Borrowers” by Mary Norton.

This film was aesthetically marvelous as all Studio Ghibli films are. The animation is never questioned when Miyazaki, Takahata, or studio Ghibli is involved. The real gem of this film is the story itself not a very happy one by any stretch of the imagination when compared to other Miyazaki films like Ponyo, Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivary Service yet nothing as intense as Takahata’s Grave of the Fireflies. In a nutshell to try and be as spoiler free as possible, the story is about a boy sent to his mothers childhood home because he is ill and will soon have surgery. One at this childhood home events unfold to take him on a journey of young love, conflict, lose, and growth.

To my friends with children or my guys with girlfriends I have recommended this movie highly because of the brilliant portrait painted of the two main characters separate family lives, the deep emotional connection and innocent relationship nurtured between them. To be a bit crass this movie will get the hunting male some secure footing for his endeavors, and the family man will have the kids attention sowed up and a fun romp for him and the Mizz.

To finish this movie was warm heart wrenching experience for me and I put this movie right along side Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away. A must go see if at all possible and a definite Blu-ray purchase when it hits shelves. I hope you all enjoyed Big Bear’s choice of film and will heed my advice and pick up Arrietty so until next time

*lumbers into his den a haughty stride in his step if such a thing is possible for a bear*

John Carter of Mars

Its been a while since I did a movie review so I figured I would start off with probably the biggest movies of the year next only to the Avengers movie, John Carter of Mars. I originally had no idea what john carter was about, and to be honest had never even heard of it until a friend informed me that is was a book and a comic series. Not being able to get my hands on the source material before seeing the movie I went in with a clean unbiased view of the movie.

Overall John Carter was a good movie, great CG, and special effects, and a good story. The story in a nutshell with out spoiling anything is john carter is a cavalry man from the civil war who is tired of the blood shed and simple wants to settle down and get rich. some high jinx ensue along with some insights into Carter’s back story and he is then transported to mars and the story really kicks into high gear.

The acting was pretty good nothing horrible and nothing above and beyond the call Carter was played by Taylor Kitsch who you all may also know from that horrible film Wolverine: Origins were in he played Gambit. The co-star and second main character was played by Lynn Collins who we also know from Wolverine: Origins as Sliverfox. So the two main actors have some blemishes on there record but we can forget and forgive right? Some others you might know with smaller rolls in the cast are William Dafoe, Ciaran Hinds who played in the fantastic horror film along side Daniel Radcliffe Women in Black. Bryan Cranston of malcom in the middle fame, also Don Stark pops in as a store keeper during Carters time on earth whom you will know from That 70’s Show. This is a very eclectic group to put together yet they make this movie fun and enjoyable for the whole family even if there rolls are small in the grand scheme of things because we all love going “hey is that the guy?”.

This movie has a massive amount of special effects and CG and it is all done fantastically though i couldn’t help but draw comparisons between The aliens of this film and those of the movie Avatar, I mean you add some tusks and make them blue and they would relatively be the same creation. Do I think this parallel is a detriment,no. I mean if your going to take inspiration from a movies special effects then Avatar would be the one to do it because i looked wonderful.

All in all this movie was a fun ride I don’t have any thing truly negative to say about the film, and I definitely feel it should be seen in theaters with the whole family and there is even a loveable dog character.

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Fright Night(2011)

This being the year of the remake when it comes to movies I am proud to say that most of the remakes if not all are good one of which being better than the original. oh you wondering which one The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith far superior to the original film. Sadly we are not here to talk about Jaden and his awesome role, but Colin Farrel and the rest of the crew in the 2011 remake of the colt horror classic Fright Night from 1985.

Most if not all who heard there was going to be a remake of Fright Night groaned and wrote it off but I only have one thing to say to you Doctor Who with a shotgun David Tennant stars in this movie as well but we will get to him later. This movie was absolutely amazing there are no sparkly blood suckers or fake werewolf shape shifters only tried and true vampires. Collin Farrel does an amazing job as Jerry the vampire. He is smooth, and sexy just what the ladies like but deranged and creepy, his body movements, and mannerisms fit very very well with the character. The movie depicts vampires as nothing more than your text book, burn up in delight, suck blood turn you in to one of my kind, vampires all attributes we know and love along with the speed and strength. So why is was it so good if this is the same old thing because with all these new emo baby fucking pansy vampires out there we forget how creep, ominous, and sexy vampires can really be ala interview with the vampire.

Not the next two people you should know about are Imogen Poots who plays the role of Amy our heroes nubile girlfriend, and the hero himself Anton Yelchin, these are two young actors with bright futures ahead of them Yelchin does a masterful job taking up the mantel of sleepless and deranged teen suspecting his neighbor of sucking blood for sustenance. Imogen well what can I say she has a load of experience from her time in 28 weeks later and other films so her progression in to a more adult and emotional role is evident through out this movie and kudos to her for a job well done

Now this movie is rife with cameos first off you have Mc.Lovin himself Christopher Mintz-Plasse who is the nerd kid who blows the scoop on mister Jerry as the blood sucking supernatural being he is but can he win against 400 years of survival, ah who knows but he is fucking hilarious in this movie and does it justice.

Seeing as we are talking about cameos we must finally come to the best one of all David Tennant best know as the man the myth the legend, the good Doctor Who on the smash hit BBC television show under the same name. Tennant in this movie is spectacular harnessing some Russel Brand like mannerisms, and attitude but mixing in his own unique flare along with more F-Bombs than you can shake a stick at he delivers a very very memorable performance.

All in all I was thoroughly impressed with Fright Night 2011 version I think it is well acted, well shot, and the star power drives home this movie like so many attempt but can’t pull off. This movie is worth seeing in theaters and picking up on blu-ray, the special effects are great and very well done the vampiric transformations are awesome through vampires back to the days of nasty fang mouth demons who don’t take shit from no one. So check this out if you don’t have the time, make the time it is truly worth it.

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