10 Martial Arts Movies You Should See….Twice!!

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

This film in general is just beautiful and was the trend setter for modern wire work aka wire fu. This is also one of the best told stories in a martial arts film and kicked off an explosion of films in its wake, ie Hero, and House of Flying Daggers to name a few. heads the Chow Yun Fat film in a very well acted and dramatic action role that suits him very well. The rest of the acting in the film is wonderful. This is a complete recommend form this Bear
Ip Man 1 & 2

Ip Man 10
A set of dramatic martial arts action films, though they differ from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in the that the emotion and impact of these films is explored and expressed through the martial arts more so than the acting. This fact is best symbolized by the 10 v 1 fight in which Donnie Yen’s character Ip Man undertakes in response to events playing out in the story at that time. The movies are both recommended highly though the third film called “the legend is born: Ip Man” can be taken or left it doesn’t star Donnie Yen and suffers from it.
Iron Monkey

Another Donnie Yen film but he is paired with Rongguang Yu, who looks a bit like chow yun fat. This is a very cartoony, film with special abilities that verge on something out of an anime but it is full of awesome choreography, and action.
Fist of Legend

The first Jet Li film on this lit and it was one of my favorites by him. it tells the same story as Ip Man but not as well acted or put together but you don’t come to this film for the story for the most part because the action in this is wonderful.
The Legend of Drunken Master

When it comes to great action, choreography and Jackie Chan you are not gonna get any better than this film. He is in his prime and it shows as his stunts, and Kung Fu are insane in this movie so hands down his best film in my opinion.

The Raid Redemption


as Tai action films go most would say Tony Jaa is tops for the genre but I will counter with this film. As the bevy of actors/martial artists in this film take the limits of what is sane, safe, and expected and toss it to the wind. Giving you a thrill ride of knees, elbows, long no cut shots and stunt work that will make you cringe

Enter the Dragon

What list of film is complete with out the best by the late great Bruce Lee. What can I say other than this movie and his influence is still screaming and punching its way through modern cinema and will remain doing so until the end of film.
Kiss of the Dragon

This is probably the pinnacle of Jet Li’s american films. He is older in this film but his speed, and power is on full display especially in the dojo fight scene were he at one point fight 3 opponent one time.
The Last Dragon

Sho-Nuff the shogun of Harlem makes this movie and when the climactic fight goes down you honestly don’t want him to loose. A cult classic. It has flaws but everyone knows who the Shogun of Harlem Sho-nuff is….
Kung Fu Hustle

Lastly rounding out the list is a wonderful blending of comedy, spectacular choreography and story.if there is anything you can take from this movies awesome is respect your elders cause they may just be Kung Fu masters in hiding.


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