My Feline Army: To Cute For Boot pt.1

Hey it’s been awhile but I am still training my oh so deadly feline army for world domination, and it just so happens between all the mayhem some photos were taken. Being this is my personally trained doom army I had to declassify them and these are the fruits of my labor…well the ones with out blood and guts 🙂


Update: crazy self induced schedule

So I have been a busy lil bear, though i have let curtain things slack…namely my blog. I am getting back onto my content wagon so thank all of you for being so patient. what have i been doing you ask? well let me tell you lol.

first I have been podcasting Talk Nerdy 2 Me, is going strong at 8 episodes I have my cohost Amber and 3 guest hosts James(Face), Jen( The AK Tundra Baby), and Ish(The Wrastla!). these guys are great and help me keep things interesting.

Secondly I have been writing and editing like a mad mad. I have been editing my fantasy novel for my Online writing group at kelly armstrong’s forums. that is going at a good clip about 5 chapters in of 20 when i reach the end of it all I can start on new material for it. Since I am long winded I have figured with some sort of immoral mathematics that it will cap out at around 120-150k. new fictions consists of 2 things 1) a Erotic Romance story I was challenged to write by a friend whom love 50 shades of grey and i make fun of them for it so i have to now put up or shut up lol. I am happy to say I am done with the story part, I am just stuck on the sex part…who would have thought my vulgar ass would have trouble with sex huh? 2) I wrote a horror short and will have it up for friday flash this week.

So that is what I have been doing an now the things I have fallen down on are my blog and my short fiction. the horror and roman shorts are the first new short stuff i have worked on in months and as you probably already know my blog hasn’t had much new content in some months as well. for both of tose I am sorry and I promise I am not going to allow that to happen again. I have just posted the first of 4 new blog posts, I have rough outlines for some more flash fic, and even have the next 2 episodes of my podcast outlined. and with that below will be a list of things to look out for from Big Bear and company.

1) To Honor Love – erotic romance short(yes once edited i wil post it)
2) Scott Sigler GFL Podcast with Jen
3) Phoenix rising, and Janus Affair Podcast with Jen
4) Feed Me – horror Shoret for Friday flash
5) video game podcast with face and Jen – MoP, Boarderlands 2, and Darksiders 1 & 2
6) Bleeding Ink Babes interview(depending on if i can get them all at once or one at a time will determine if that is a 3 parter or 1)
7) Colin barnes interview
8) My first attempt at podcast fiction – King of the Blues
9) Feline army 3 part blog series
10) 10+ authors/peeps you should meet…twice! blog post

well I am done here keep and eye out for my coming content, and please enjoy your trips to my den and listen to those Talk Nerdy 2 Me Radio broadcasts echoing off the dens damp walls and let me know what you think on twitter or with emails and comments. also if you listen to the cast leave a review on Itunes we love them honest. so until next time.

10+ Authors/Peeps You Should Meet…Twice!

This list is not in any order as these folks are just to awesome to put into a sequence. If you have the chance the meet any if these guys jump at the chance you won’t be disappointed.

Scott Sigler

One of the most real and down to earth people I have met. His lovelorn is fans and dedication to them as well as the craft of writing is since amazing. Though his love of Tuaca the taint sweat of the roman legion is still simply odd.

Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine

This dynamic duo if awesome are well, just awesome. Treating there fans like family I have met and hung with them multiple times now and each time they blow me away. Tee is a legend in the podcasting world and his lovely kiwi wife writes like a cunning dervish and I don’t know who can output more stories than she. This team through a haze of cigars, good beer, and even better scotch are paving a path not many will ever match.

Mur Lafferty

Probably the busiest women in podcasting. Her I Should Be Writing Podcast is the highest mark a podcast should be strive to. Her fiction is truly unique just as she is and inspires just as her advice does to us wanna be fiction writers.

P.G. Holyfield

The man never with out a hat. I have met him twice now and he is still just as genuine and fun each time. His personality is ever present in his fiction which is another reason to meet him. I cant think of any reason to not seek him out at a con or bound in the flesh of dead trees.

Starla Hutchton

Probably the toughest lady in podcast. Sadly I didn’t get to see her much at dragon con though that is dragon con. Our first meeting at balticon was amazing and any lady who handles her cookie flavored vodka like that should be respected lol. She also is a word smith creating unique fiction that is a joy to behold.

Donna Mugavero

A force of nature this lovely lady is. So much fun and so down to earth you can not help but smile when she is around. Also some how she keep George Hrab reigned in….some what.

George Hrab

The man who sings for SCIENCE!!!!! His music is just a scratching of the surface that is probably one of the most creative and sharply dressed people outside of Doc Coleman. Catching one of his fantastic performances is a must.

Jason Narvy

Not only is he a fellow Jason, but he was apart of my childhood being on mighty morphing power rangers as the funny high pitched half of bulk and skull. This how ever is not even a fraction of this hilarious classically trained actor. With his doctorate in tow he teaches in Chicago and I can only envy his students.

Sunny Strait

What can I say about the voice of Dragon Ball Z’s Krillin. He can draw, does web comics and even work on some traditional comic properties, and won’t shy from anime con pool party. Sunny is side splittingly funny so if he is coming to a con near you, you should be there waiting.

Dan Southworth

Another figure of so many childhoods as the red quantum ranger. Yet as other rangers e so much more making a name for himself in hollywood as a stuntman, motion capture man, and fight choreographer for countless films. He is only outshines by the fact he loves his fans and can be found amongst them at a pool party just as easily as he can be found in his web series divergence kicking serious ass.

Windi Lee

A monolith in voice acting. With well over 200 roles she is a great example for girls and women alike for her dedication and professionalism. See also took my con cherry at anime festival Orlando 2011. She was such a joy to talk to, a must meet and any con she attends

Kyle Hubbert

The voice of Kamina from Gurren Lagann. What can you say about the man behind the most manly man in the world of anime. He is approachable and hilarious to boot and made my second anime festival Orlando remarkable.

Richard Epcar

The most recognizable in anime as Batou of ghost in the shell. He also runs a hilarious out takes panel from some of his other anime roles. Also i grew up with him on daytime soaps…what!? There was only one tv in my house. But what blew me away was when I asked him for a bumper for my podcast he was willing to do an interview and I didn’t even ask a definitely awesome guy.

Cinda Williams Chima

Author of the Heir series and 7 worlds series. Yet with all this she is so down to earth and humble about her success. She was awesome to meet and talk to such a great experience.

Blogging and Podcasting

20120919-180739.jpgThings I have learned since starting to blog and podcast. range wildly at first glance. plus the fact it so overwhelming at first; how will you do content, what content, how often. it all wells up like some crazy flood in your brain until you feel like your going to drown. thats were the first lesson comes in to play

1) Organize what you want to do, a nd how to do it?

this basically means dont worry about the content but set up a schedule. one blog a week, one podcast a week or go bi weekly it doesn’t matter but pick something and stay with that. now that that is done the next rule is born out of circumstance.

2) can you handle what you have set to do, is it to much to start with?

this rule/question is just what it says can you keep up with your schedule and how you organized it? this is a killer once it starts going. simply because research, writing time, outlining time, editing, and working with other peoples schedules can all eat up your time and before you know it, recording or blogging day comes around and your like FUCK. this happens to be alot because I work nights so i am also tired and ready to sleep while everyone else is getting ready for the day and I have to find a way to put all this together and keep up my flow of content. sadly i am failing on my blog side of things and barely holding on with the podcast.

what is a great solution to this is having your cohosts and friends help you out. amber my cohost researches a segment called “nerdy girls corner” on her own i have no input into that other than checking things out before we record so i have some input during the show though nail polish based on doctor who is still a stretch. another thing is my new segment I turn to my boy face, his google fu is strong his internet presence in forums and such giving him great speed and skill with finding interesting articles and happenings on the web.

Now that you have organized your schedule, determined if this how things will work, gathered your companions, and content it’s time to out forth the other half of the equation. The blog, or podcast itself. Thus this next rule

3) Keep it simple

Keeping it simple includes your show or blog post and the equipment you use. For a blog it’s more or less can you cover the topics youngish to talk about or is it to hefty of a piece to cover in a sizable post. Now a podcast you need a mic and away to record to start that is it. No fancy mic, no major label recording rig just you, your cohosts and your mic. Once you get settled in and things are clicking and your schedule has worked out and your flowing with content then you can begin to put on the bells and whistles.

So remember whether its a podcast or blog:

1) Get organize
2) Recognize the amount of work and time it will take to accomplish what your trying to do, and determine if you can manage these requirements.
3) Keep It Simple

Well this is the Big Bear signing off and hoping I have given you potential casters and bloggers some help that much wiser and more experienced people gave to me. Until next time.

Big Bear’s East Coast Con Tour 2012 Wrap up

MAN! It feels like ages folk and for those of you who read this blog I am so sorry for taking so long to get some no content for you all up and running. Hopefully in the mean time you have been HERE listening to Me, Amber, Face, and the rest of the gang curse, and spit raunchy awesome nerdy vitriol to tide you over until this moment right now. when The bear rolls out of his cage with a 2 pack of con talk to wrap up my circuit for 2012.

As most of you who know me or listen to the podcast I have been a con going fiend as of this year checking into Balticon for the first time, AFO for the second time, and Dragon Con for the first time. If that wasn’t enough i will be begining 2013 with my home town con MystiCon how about that huh? So where shall I begin….

Well I will short and sweet on AFO, it was still fun met up with great friends from my first year, and got some amazing bumpers from guests for the podcast as you have heard in Episodes 5 and 6 and the upcoming 7 on the road back from Dragon Con. The real down sides to it was the massive uncoordinated feel of the con as a whole. Also they fell flat on panels seeing as AAA Podcast not there though they are getting ready to move to Japan so they have much more awesome and important things to do. also only 2 Panels from the normally ever present Anime World Order Crew which was leveled onto the con as they short noticed the guys and so it was all they had time to come up with. Even so they did fantastic panels and have been a highlight of my timw at AFO both years. still speaking of Panels the fact that they have no control or filter of panel members so that a panel of 5 or 6 people have one speaker and none of the rest contribute any thing but sitting there filling the table with there bags and junk(I am talking about you best of anime openings panel)

On to better things from AFO. The Cosplay was alot better this year though there were some things that made ya go…hmmmmm?(showing my age again aren’t I?) I have some of the better ones in the photos at the bottom


Back to panels for a minute the Wasabi Anime guys did a fantastic Transformers panel and had great examples of the kinda toys and merchandise that came out for the laundry list like amount of shows for out favorite robot vehicles and animals. There panel was a hilarious jaunt through transformer history along with the shows we never got to see here in the states these. The con in my opinion should bring these guys back every year along with AWO.

That basically sums up AFO in the nutshell. which brings me to Dragon Con(queue the spooky music)

What can I say about Dragon Con that was not said in the upcoming Podcast….nothing really lol. Dragon Con is a feast for the senses it on your first time is simple over whelming and will melt your brain…no Joke several people passed out from the heat it cause in the city of Atlanta. The con is so massive Big Bear needed some help so I enlisted Amber my cohost for Talk Nerdy 2 Me along with Jen and Ish for safe measure. thus our journey began.

The only two flaws I felt were with dragon con as a whole and we go into great detail on the podcast about this is the price of signatures and pictures with the big guests. I know they get paid some amount to come to the con but seriously  80 bucks for a signatures it ridiculous and I wont go into Mark Hamill’s prices ooooo boy.

The other flaw was the shuttle service from non Con hotels I don’t know if they were run by the hotels or the con itself but they stop picking people up at 7 fro the hotels and only drop off until 12 then after that you are on your own. This would be fine if programming ended at twelve but it doesn’t its twenty four hours. So if you aren’t in the con area hotels you are fucking after 12 if anything goes down you want to see which is why I did not get to see George Hrab’s Performance DarkSide of the Moon.

Now cosplay I wont say was better here than at AFO but the variety is well above that of AFO As seen below.

lastly I am not going to talk about the panels at Dragon Con cause we do that on the podcast but I will say the Parsecs will be the thing that leaves the lasting mark on me and will get me back next year lol. All in all Dragon Con was a fabulous experience and I suggest anyone to go at least once in there life maybe next year I will add Otakon to the tour who knows lol any way this is Big Bear signing out and say check me out on Talk Nerdy 2 Me a podcast for the ages.